19" trials rims

Looking into getting a 48 spoke trials rim. Anyone have any good suggestions?

This looks pretty damn good to me.

Of if you want a wider rim… this.

Most bike trials riders have converted to 32 spokes because spokes are much better made than they used to be. If you are looking for 48 I would suspect that you already have a 48 hub, probably from a DX. If that is the case and you haven’t Taco’ed the rim, then i would stick with what you have for now and breakdown later and upgrade to 36 holes. Your rim and hub strength, durability, variety, and availabilty all increase astronomically.
The rim you have now is quite good and for the reduction in weight or addition in strength, I think it is a waste of your time and money to upgrade without looking at a new hole pattern
Just my $0.02

I have the qu-ax setup right now, but I’m using a 1.95 tire and rim from my friend’s old BMX. I was considering selling the qu-ax and possibly getting the KH 07 hub/crankset, but I still haven’t decided… What do you recommend?

KH makes some nice stuff, KOXX-1 stuff is sick (my opinion only, most people on here are addicted to KH). Qu-ax is a nice set-up as well, but it limits you in your rim selection and crank length for sure. KOXX-1 has a great street crank set-up that they just released as well. It is as cheap as KH but you can order from UDC in the States and they have a great selection of hubs and cranks, so shop away. Just stick to 36 holes.
My set-up now is
VIZ 19" 46mm 36 hole rim
KOXX-1 ISIS 140mm cranks and hub
Monty Eagle Claw 19" x 2.6 tire
I am currently very happy.
My old set-up was
Double wall Alloy 20" 38mm (1 1/4") Rim
KOXX-1 ISIS 140mm cranks and hub
Kenda Kinetics 20" x 2.35" tire.

I can’t seem to find it on UDC… Do you have to special order it?

how much is the kh trials rim?

old one is $30. new one isn’t sold yet.

how in the heck can you taco a DX rim?

i launched as fast as I could off of a 6 set, and landed 90*
it twisted the rim a little

the new kh rim is available from Darren call for price.

Is the qu-ax hub ISIS? I thought I saw a Kris hom hub with Qu-Ax cranks.

Dumbass :roll_eyes:

yeah, but qu-ax ISIS isn’t very strong. Its like cotorless ISIS.

Which is the weakpoint? I’m assuming the hub, but is it their cranks?

I think its mostly the cranks, but Im not sure.

i really like the 19" tryall 47mm, non-drilled, eyeleted rim thats on the koxx street.
i use to ride with a 48 spoke set up. rim was to thin way to much fold over.
now with my tryall (it has less spokes) but way way stronger def a good choice if yer tryin to build a strong wheel

Ok, where did you get your rim from? Can I get those shipped to US pretty cheap?

Anyone recommend this setup:

i bought the stock dan heaton street uni, but i think this place will do single parts as well. its in canada but shipping is not bad, it was like 20 or so dollars for a whole uni. im pretty sure the 47mm eyeleted rim only comes on koxx street unis. and it is a damn nice rim.

id go with a KH over the koxx devil unis anyday.
as far as the koxx street, very nice strong strong uni