19" Nimbus Black Signature Trials Unicycle

Hi, Just thought I would post my link for the unicycle that I am currently selling. I think postage would be a bit too much but here are the details anyway… I’ve included the ebay link for anyone who might be interested.

A superb looking new Nimbus with a striking white Signature wheel.

The Nimbus Trials unicycle is a great entry-level/intermediate trials unicycle with its large volume tyre and strong ISIS CroMo hub that gives the option of upgrading, should you want, in the future to KH ISIS cranks.

Strong tubular steel frame with durable black finish.
Nimbus ISIS hub with wide flanges in White.
Nimbus Venture 125mm Aluminium ISIS cranks.
2009 Nimbus gel saddle
19” x 42mm 36 hole, double wall super tough trials rim with eyelets
14 gauge stainless steel spokes

Wheel-size: 19” (rim diameter).
Saddle: New 2009 Nimbus gel saddle - with allen bolts instead of nuts and Nimbus logo on back.
Seatpost: Reinforced Aluminium 25.4x300mm bolt-on style.
Seatpost clamp: New double-bolted, Aluminium.
Frame: Steel, Nimbus II with 42mm machined bearing housings in black
Hub: Nimbus ISIS Hub, White with CrMo spindle.
Cranks: 125mm Nimbus Venture ISIS cranks.
Pedals: Nimbus DX style pedals (black) with steel pins, 9/16 thread.
Spokes: 36 Stainless steel 14G powder-coated Black.
Rim: Jetset eyeleted double-walled 19" trials rim powder-coated White.
Tyre: 20x2.50" Maxxis Creepy Crawler trials, black with schrader valve.
Weight: 5.7kg (12.5lb).

Legs length sizes: Min 720mm (28") cut down seat post min 610mm (24").
Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.


Sorry if this is bumping - I wanted to edit but couldnt find a way too (even after searching the help section! - can’t see an edit button at all :frowning: )


Think the price is ok for what I’m selling but all comments are welcome and offers are accepted. If postage is willing to be paid for then I will post this item!

how much?

Looking for about £180 for it (as on the ebay link). Not sure how much that would be in dollars - But would probably be quite expensive to post to Tennessee!

£180 works out at approximately $280 + postage.

never mind sorry.

No problem!

I’m based in the UK (north east england - middlesbrough) For anyone else thats interested.

Wanting to sell as I haven’t got the time anymore and (being totally honest) car tax is due and I’m at university and haven’t got much cash!

If anyone is interested/wants more pictures/more details, just let me know!

Can be contacted on here or on ebay link above :slight_smile: