19" Koxx Devil Trials Unicycle

I have a 19" tirals unicycle that I no longer use. Had it for about 3 years now. Will supply with spare inner tubes and both metal and rubber pedals.
Still in good condition, has some scratches on the seatpost and cranks, but they are only cosmetic.

Can send pictures if necessary. Make me an offer.

Koxx Devil Trials unicycle

If you’d be willing to ship to the US, PM me pics and I’ll make an offer. :slight_smile:

How much are you looknig for? Pm me if you like… and where abouts in the UK are you?

I would, but shipping is about £100!! If you can find a way of getting it to you that is a reasonable amount, then I would ship it across to you.

let me know if you need any other pics, I tried to get any damage in there

I’m VERY interested, I’ve pm’d you