19" for a 24"

Hey all I wanna trade my 19" inch trials uni for a 24" uni here are the specs:

Yuni frame
Profile hub and cranks in black
Viscount saddle with a kh handle and a fusion cover
Luna tire
Alex rim

Let me know in this thread or in a pm.

Edit: the 24" needs to have a gazz and profiles…

ha good luck! profiles AND a gazz?!

i know 3 people that have profiles AND a gazz.:wink:

fine… I’ll take the gazz requirement out… and I will add another brand new 19" alex rim…

what hub?

max ahs profiles.

yep profile over here…

Man, thats gunna be hard to find someone with that trade. Most people wont trade thier profile munis for anything unless they are beat to shit.

and why is that ?

you could still probably do muni on ur trials. i do muni on my trials with no problem. but im also less than 5 feet tall…

Sure its possible but it sucks and isn’t as much fun.
If this was my thread I would be mad at all these posts that don’t relate to his question.

im suprised MAx ahsnt fliped out yet.:slight_smile:

Short temper? :slight_smile: but really, atleast everyone is keeping his post at top so more will see it.

lol, but no one has even had an offer 4 it.

Max, I have a 24" Bedford/Profile Muni… I don’t want to get rid of it, but I might consider a trade if the deal is sweet enough! :slight_smile:

What kind of condition is the trials unicycle in? Have you ridden it hard, (largest drop, bad landings etc?) Also, have you registered your cranks?

hahaha dude its max Im CRAZY highest drop was about 2m… 9 stairs… emm yeah a few bad landing but ur getting a new rim… and why havent I fliped out yes hmm ? probly cauz I realized that if this society see s u flip out theyll hate u and when its time to make an event FOR THE COMMUNITY no one will participate. So yeah I just post when ever I feel like it now cauz some ppl are this web site have something stucked up so far up there a** that its not even worth it … u kno msaying ?


That’s what I thought, I guess I’ll keep my 24". Getting a used unicycle from a rider like you is asking for trouble! :smiley:

It would be a fair trade for another unicycle that had been ridden equally hard.

yeah I agree… Ima just buy a Muni… I love my 20 too much