19" Devil Drilled Rim

Hi There,
i’m considering to get one red 19" Devil drilled rim. Are they equal or better than KH19 rim for trials?

Anyone got a good pic of the red rim?

Many thanks

Both rims are the same profile. The KH rim is eyeletted the Koxx is not so of the two I would have thought that the KH is the better rim.


Hey. I also think that the spoke positioning is a bit different with the KH rims, which helps to put more metal between the drilled holes and spokes. Hence the spoke positioning helps to prevent the cracking of the 2nd wall, which is a very common problem for the majority of double wall drilled 20inch rims including the try-all rim.

That being said I am currently running a try-all rim.

Edit: they are both sweet for trials.

what does eyeletted mean?? is it the shape of the holes (ovals i assume) :slight_smile:

No. An eyelet is a steel incert that is added to the rim to reinforce the point where the spoke passess in to the rim. It has 2 functions:
a: It distributes the load on the rim by the spoke. So reducing point pressure and hence reduces stess fractures.
b: It helps the nipple spin so tightening the spokes is easier and helps to give even higher tension.