1870s monocycle replicas on Gizmodo

I was browsing Gizmodo and saw two 1870s monocycle replicas. Not quite the expected gizmos you’d expect to find at that site.

One of them is for sale if you’ve got a spare $13,000 (USD).

1873 Monocycle Replica Is a Mechanical and Engineering Marvel

Video of 1870s Monocycle In Action

ooooohhhhhh i want one!!!

Yes, you’re just too late;
It was sold last week:

Did it sell? The auction ended with zero bids after the seven day auction expired. If it is sold then it sold outside of the eBay system.

I though I saw a bid on it. Maybe I’m mistaking. Or maybe the bid was cancelled or rejected; this item also got a lot of atention from other sites and blogs.