180 Unispins - learning and stuff.

Nothing spectacular, just something I put together almost a month back on my whole unispin learning progress.

Thought I’d share.

That was well done, glad to see you learned them. But why didn’t you use the same song you used in almost all of your other videos XD? Plus whats the name of that song!?

I use the same song in all of the tutorial vids I’ve done for uniformity’s sake. And it’s a great soundtrack to juggle to so it’s good. I do have more than 2 songs on mp3! Really!

The song’s called The Russian and it’s by The Bees (wow! 3 'The’s in that sentence!).

Reminds me of when I was practicing unispins. I have enough footage to make a similar video probly.

i have been trying a unispin for about 3 months and cant get it. I can land one foot on really good but not the other one. I hop with left foot in front and spin uni to the right. do u think that would make a difference?

Nice, congrats on landing it! My best advice for you after watching that video is to wait to start spinning the uni until after you’ve jumped.

So jump when I’m at the apex?

unicycle-boz: No, that probably doesn’t make a diff. If you’re bogged down by fear, just stop thinking about for a minute and go for it! Loud (REALLY LOUD) music also helps.