180 Unispin

I’m having trouble with the unispin. I can do the 180 mount just fine but when I try to do the actual unispin I can’t do it. I can pull the seat out just fine but when I try to spin I always fall before I even jump to do the unispin. Any advice?

Although this is in the wrong section, i’ll be glad to help you out.

First of all, just practise and it will come to you. Your body naturally goes through the trial and error process untill you get the trick. When you do something right, you naturally stick with it, as well as mentally try to do that.

Also, keep in mind that you need to jump vertically, and only vertically. Get hight in your jump, and dont jump away from the unicycle, and keep it under you.

Thats about all the help I can muster up for you on the internet. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

wat beep said is all right,just adding one thing…

commit, commit, commit

if you are scared of missing the pedals,you probably will, if your confident you will land on them,you have a better chance of landing on them

First off, it seems to me that the mount pretty much only gets the hand positioning down.

Second, given this sentence, most of the advise thus far is currently useless to you.

Work on hopping seat in front, maybe a few small no-footers once you get that down, then follow the other advice in this thread and maybe even find a tutorial or two to watch (try youtube.)

Best of luck!

I went out and tried again. Since I have to stop to do one, I try to do little hops before I jump but I can only hop in place with my seat out like 3-4 times…should I just practice hoping in place with my seat out?

DUH :roll_eyes:

Most definately. Untill you can hop with your seat in front consistantly, you are not ready for 180 unispins.

Ok, I’ll go work on that right now :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. When i try and do one I can hardly spin the thing. Ill take the advice that Ive heard so far.

So you cant do a 180 and have the 360 Unispin Comp Trophy in your signature?

Haha, great catch inspector.

I can hop now with the seat out as long as I want and I’ve tried the unispin many times but almost all of the time I fall backwards. I know I need to jump up more and not backwards up I just can seem to do it.

Try to make yourself jump forward and up, that helped me compensate.

Now that you have SIF hopping down, work on no-footers. That’ll help you learn to jump straight up and to jump evenly off both pedals. Start little, just barely leaving the pedals, and work up to where you’re really jumping. When you’ve got that down, then go back to trying the spin.