180 unispin!

I finally did a 180 unispin today! After about 2 hours with my pads on and w/ plastic pedals I finally landed one, hop a few times, and rolled off. I’m so happy!



hi there,

im trying to learn uni-spins at the moment and i heard it was good practice to do 180 uni-spin mounts before you go for the whole thing so i tried them instead, and i landed one on the 3rd try.

no i have to improve my seat in front hop so i can get the full uni-spin.


good luck! I did it with the seat facing me and then landed with it in the right position. Put on shin guards when you are practising. They help like crazy!

well done i remember my first unispin

such a good feelin


By the way, these threads are useless, maybe you shouldn’t post here before landing a 720… :thinking:

I know this might sound mean, But do you really think we care ONE bit that you can 180 unispin?

they aren’t useless, I want everyone to join in on my happiness! I’ve done 2 more since I started this thread. They feel soooooooo good!

people care?

hey evan,

maybe you care about our uni-spins the same as we care about the welds on your b.c wheel (s)???

if your not impressed with a 180 uni-spin why waste your time reading a thread about it?,

im sorry were not as great unicyclists as you but we all have to start somewhere dont we?#

im not wanting to start a argument over here but can you see my point?

I say GOOD job Miles! I still haven’t learned the 180 yet, then again there’s not much need for them in muni!:smiley: But definitely congrats to you!

Mornish needs to stop making stupid threads.

no he doesnt, there not stupid

hes happy so wants to tell us all, he has FEELINGS do you have them aswell, im sure you do.

just chill a bit, take it easy Evan

Why can’t you understand there somewhat stupid?:slight_smile:

nice job man. learning 180 unispins is something to be proud of.

thx. now I’m working on 360 unispins, 180 unispins off stuff, and unispin from seat out to seat in. also, does anyone now how to do the step around thing, where you but your foot on the tire and change directions. I need help on that trick.

Sure there is! Unispins on bigger uni’s is much more fun, 24’s 26’s 29’s 36’s… people do them on these bigger unis and they feel way cool.

whats a 180 unispin mount and how do you do one???
i can’t do a 180 uni-spin so hopefully i will be able to do a unispin mount…

If you know what a jump-mount is, just spin the uni 180 degrees while doing a jump-mount, so the seat will be backwards when you land.

If you dont know what a jump mount is, it when you hold onto the handle of your seat, have your pedals in the right position, then jump onto the pedals, and into the seat, also you can do a suicide mount, where you dont hold onto the uni while you jump on.

i didnt learn jump mount before 180 unispin, but did before 360 unispin. interesting that i still dont like them

I can do a basic jump mount but i never jump very high. Maybe i can work on it and end up doing a 180unispin :roll_eyes:

Thats awesome do you have any videos, of you riding i would like to see, Thanks!