180 UniSpin Practice

I filmed this just a few days after landing my first 180 unispin. I’ve gotten a bit better at it since I filmed this last week.

Awesome! Definitely getting good, looks like you just need to perfect the landing and you’ll be golden. :slight_smile: I’ve been working on my 180’s as well over the past week or so, but I decided to give it a rest and focus on leg wraps until I get a pair of shin guards.

I can’t imagine doing spins without shinguards. Yesterday I worked on doing them with my hand closer to the center of the seat, rather than so far forward. It totally helped me stick the landings. More control and what not.

I’ve never attempted leg wraps. They look hard to learn.

I’ve probably attempted it less than a dozen times without shin guards, and more than half of them ended with really bad bruises…suffice it to say, I have a pair in the mail as we speak.

That’s good to know about the hand positioning. I’m trying to learn SIF riding as well, and I feel that hand position plays a big part in it.

Congratulations! I have yet to land that, been trying for quite a while now :frowning:
Good choice in music btw :slight_smile: