180 unispin...NOT just 'how do i do a unispin'

I have landed some unispins lately yet i couldnt get them regularly so i videod myself and i think i know why.
When i jump off the peddles i pull the unicycle about 1ft in the air.
How do i keep the uni on the ground or pretty close to it?

ps. i hold my right hand on the rear of the seat and my left at the top right hand side and spin the uni anti-clockwise from my perspective

I would keep learning how to have the uni in the air. This will make it a lot easier for you to do them off drops. In fact, most people here do them in the air.

If you really want it on the ground, practice doing static no-footers. Just jump off the pedals, and land back on, making sure you are not pulling up on the uni, just you jumping off of it.

jump without pulling your hands up. kinda pushing down very lightly.

i didnt really want it on the ground i just figured that would be better than high up in the air, but now that you mention it will help off drops makes alot sense

My problem is different. I can’t pull uni up, so could anyone give tips how to do it into air? Maybe I just need more practise.