180 Unispin....Finally!...Wheel Walk too

Finally…I landed the 180 unispin. Tough for an old feller…

Some wheel walking as well which has really taken a while to get. Still needs refinement.

Thanks for watching if you watched.
Shug is all secure in sector seven

Maaaaan shug you are brilliant!!
I didn’t realise how much of a cool guy you are until this video!

Keep it up and remember, always wear your shin-guards :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job on the unispin and ww! You sounded a wee bit like Groundskeeper Willy at the beginning, haha! :stuck_out_tongue: That balance board at the end was great also, and I can see how that would really be fantastic way to hone your balance! :smiley:

I will wear them from now on…

Haaaa. I do sound like him!
The rola-bloas do help. Pretty new prop for me.
Thankee Terry

That was fun watching. Nice job!

Ich danke Ihnen…I hope that is even close to right.

I want you to be my father ! Haha nice job! Your video is very funny to :stuck_out_tongue:

Salut!!! Good comment pour moi…
I am a father of a daughter who attends E’cole de Cirque de Quebec.
Second year. Lives in Lim Ouli…

Nice 1 foot coast at 1:11 :wink:
Really good videos, it’s nice seeing something funny! :smiley:
The unispins were clean and riding into the fence was hilarious!

really enjoyable video too, it’s nice just to see someone having fun!

you’re an absolute legend!

Very amusing! I really enjoyed that!

Slacklining is pretty good too…it’s helped me a TON! Should I post a video of how to set one up?

World’s Fastest One Foot Coast…
'Preciate it. And I do love a good fence smash.

I sure did have some fun…40ºF…no sweating.

I bow here…

You should…

haha nice work, funny stuff there. the 180’s look sweet. and the balance board looks like a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

Haha man, I realy enjoyed watching it!

Appreciated and Mucho Obligato…

Your vids are almost all very amusing:D

Rocking on those balance are supposed to be relatively easy compared to still stand. You should try to do still stands on it, then walk around and S.S. in different positions. Should help your uni still stands a lot.


nice man! very funny to watch and some good skills also on the rola bola!

funny vid love the table slide do you live in the hammock :smiley:

Haha… hurting your nether regions… a way to fix that is to start with landing seat out instead of seat in… but well done for landing seat in, most riders find that really difficult. WOO BUDDY! XD