180 Unispin attempts (video) - need tips

I’m trying to land a 180 Unispin. I’ve attached some stop motion video of one of my better attempts. It seems like the Uni wants to flip out and away from me instead of flipping under me. Any of you experts have some suggestions for me? I’ve been at it for about a week. From what I’ve seen of other beginners, I’m getting plenty of height. It feels like my right foot is getting in the way, though. Not sure if it is leaving the pedal late or what.

Thanks for any help!

I’m in exactly the same position as you, so if this isn’t right, hopefully someone can correct me. First, when watching other people do a 180 unispin, the back foot stays in almost exactly the same place, rather than jumping up and kicking it out. Second, aim for a pedal. Make sure you get a foot on it. Harder than it sounds, obviously, but that’s the only thing stopping you (and me) from landing them. My technique is to hold the uni and practice where the front foot goes before, during and after the spin - pretty much doing a unispin while standing on the ground, rather than the uni. With this technique, I can catch the front pedal / crank fairly consistently. Then the back foot either hits the tyre or the ground. Just keep at it, stare at the pedals, and commit. You’ll get it eventually :slight_smile:

I think you’ll land it the first time you commit to it :wink:

You’re close! Some advice:

Try putting your hands closer together, and wrap your thumbs around the seat (if you aren’t already, I can’t tell).

Lean over more/commit.

Try to jump exactly the same with both feet, it looks like you’re kicking one foot forward and one backwards. So focus on doing the same thing with both feet, and snap them back in to the cranks.

Good luck! I think you’ll get it soon. :slight_smile:

Hahah, I’m not going to argue with the King and Queen of Unispins…

Thanks for the feedback! I need to land this for an OTG in the next few days.

@Julia - Great detailed suggestions. I’ll work on them tomorrow.

@Eli - Thanks for the encouragement. At least you didn’t tell me to grow a pair. :smiley:

I remember when I posted on here about the same thing not being able to land the 180. Your heights good, practice doing the 180 jump mounts that will help you commit, the pedals aren’t backwards or anything when you land back on it just jump with your feet above the the pedals( although it helps to land on the cranks when starting) just so you don’t miss the pedals. When I started attempting 180’s I landed one foot on one cranks for a hand full of trys until I landed it. The only tip besides that stuff is to commit, everything else look about ready. I put a leg armor to help me “grow a pair” and I got it eventually, the first time I actually fully committed.

I am getting pretty frustrated with this trick. Today’s session was basically worse than yesterday. My right knee kept getting in the way of the seat, so the spin would never finish. This trick really shouldn’t be so hard. I’m not going to quit, but I might take a break from it tomorrow. It sounds simple, jump up, spin the Uni 180 degrees, let gravity bring you down on the cranks/pedals. As Eli would say to his Uni, “Why do you hate me?!?!?”

Pad up and do it, don’t think about it too much. Are you going for pedals or cranks for your landing? Cranks is probably easier, greater margin for error.

A frequently made mistake is putting weight on the seat;
Before you land there shall be no downward forces from your hand on the seat, or else this will twist your unicycle to unpredictable directions depending on the moment you started pushing.

I find your unicycle a bit bit much diagonal. So bend over it, such that the spinning will be also more vertical (reason #2 the unicycle end up at different positions as aimed/hoped for).

Jump high; it will give you time to land. But also time to doubt; don’t think too much; just do it.

Try to spin a little faster. The earlier your unicycle is in position, the more confident you will be in your landing.

Remember; in juggling they say “a touch is a much a catch”, the same counts here for touching the pedals in your landing.

Last but not least; wear ankle protection.

When I learned the unispin I was sure I could do it. So I decided to practice it, 100 attempts in 30 minutes, or 3 successful attempts, at least one session per day, 6 days in a row.
…but the 2nd session I already made 10 solid in a row.

Thanks Leo, good tips. Looking again at other tutorials, I see you are right. I am bending my knees so much that my seat is out in front of me before I even jump. It looks like others have straighter legs and the seat is more underneath them to start with. I have also made the error of pushing down on my seat while in the air like you said. Not all the time, but sometimes.

Oh, and FYI, I have 661 4x4’s that I wear when I practice. In the video above, I was on my lunch break from work so I wore TSG shin guards underneath my jeans.

  1. Put the camera closer. (What, afraid of a stray unicycle taking it out? Okay, zoom in more :slight_smile: )
  2. Leg armor on
  3. Commit. You can always “abort” by landing with your feet wide. These practice jumps will tell you if your feet are getting to the right place; not hitting the wheel, etc. But then you have to go for those pedals.
  4. You can still abort after landing on the pedals. Put your feet on the pedals, them jump them off to the sides. This can be a semi-final step to landing it.
  5. Remember you can always do a hop or two after landing it. Ultimately you want to land it without needing to hop, but that’s always there to keep you on the uni.
  6. Stick with it, and keep the leg armor on.

Someday I have to learn the 360. Or not. Way back in 1983, when I realized the audience couldn’t really tell the difference between a 180 and a 360 I kind of lost interest. And I was chicken. :slight_smile: But since then, leg armor was invented and there are less excuses…