180 unispin attempts! Sketchy

I finally decided to actually try and commit to these, as opposed to jumping away from my uni instead of ON it…

The only music I had in MP3 format was by jake shimabukuro, an amazing ukulele player, but it doesn’t really apply to the footage haha.

Anyways, they’re really sketchy, but hopefully I’ll practice some more tomorrow. Should I be aiming for landing on the pedals or the cranks? Can you pedal out somehow if you land on the cranks, or do you have to change foot positions first then ride off? And should I try to keep my left hand off the uni to help me balance after I’ve landed? I just noticed I keep both hands on…

Any tips would be really helpful

what your problem is…is you don’t commit after landing them.

I noticed you land them, but since your feet get stuck, you don’t try to move them.

Sometimes when I land a trick, I have to hop for like 10 seconds to free my feet.:stuck_out_tongue:

hope this helps. Your doing great!

Aah yeah I see what you mean, do you just have to like twist your feet out a little and move forward or back to get them on the pedals quick? I’d rather not hop around forever moving them inch by inch haha.

Thanks for the tip!

Nice job! You got the full 180 and the initial landing looks solid… All you have to do is stay on/ride away, which you’ll get no problem. You do it better than me. :o

I usually give a few balance hops and move my feet out after i’m all balanced out.

My yard is terrible, it’s extremely bumpy and has lots of sandstone right below the grass which is decieving, maybe I should try these on something paved and I might have better results? It’s difficult to ride through the yard from a standstill on my uni

What about rolling 180’s, do you do the same thing after you land it? I’d like to try to make it as fluid as possible when I get it down.

You’ve got them, basically.

Aim to land on the cranks so you can hop after the spin without the cranks moving. Nice.

So not on the joint but the arms themselves? Or should I land with a halfway? I’m sure my body will figure it out eventually, but I just like to think of these things.

If I were to explain what I mean , I would say… if my left pedal is forward as I land, should I land with my heel towards the end of the crank arm (Side with no pedal), and my toe/ball of my foot on the pedal/crank arm?

I suppose the only way to mess that up would be to do the opposite, which is what I think you mean, in which the foot would not have enough space to really grab onto and stick to while landing, correct?

BTW, I saw in a thread somewhere someone said something about a little grip tape on the crank arms to help with some kinds of tricks, does this help?

Grip tape isnt nessesary for your level. Land right on the cranks, even hit the frame with your feet, hop a few times, then ride away.

Even to help me with learning crankrolls? I’ve been trying to do those as well haha

This is probably one of the very best skills you can learn, and I’m working on it more and more. From riding skinnies to precision hopping and so much more, it really pays to have excellent still-stand skills. And it virtually eliminates the need that a lot of riders have for those pesky, unnecessary little “corrective” hops! :slight_smile:

I’d hold off on those for a while.

I think one of your problems is that you are unstable with your SIF (seat in front) hopping. Once you can Sif hop extremely consistantly, landing 180 unispins won’t be a problem at all, and same with 360 unispins. Just practice some SIF hopping every once in a while. I assure you that you will notice a difference in landing your 180 unispins.

Another problem has already been mentioned. Try to land with your feet on the cranks. You are landing on the pedals unevenly, and this makes one pedal higher than the other, and from there, you just fall off. If you land on the cranks, no matter which foot lands first, the cranks will stay even with each other horizontally.

I agonized as I watched the vid, because if I were able to do 180’s, I probably could easily ride away after landing them.

As you mentioned, you might want to try them on pavement. It seems that danger of you falling down in the attempt of doing a 180 unispin is not as great as it would’ve been when you first started.

Thanks guys! I managed to do a 180 unispin, then ride away, and then did another and rode away and popped the seat back in

umm… what?..

No offense but I thought it was kinda ironic that you could land them but not ride away. Nice job, you are progressing fast.

I don’t, riding a torker LX on grass is hard enough, let alone riding a torker LX SIF on grass.

Hahaha, vid is funny, thought the dog was going to pee on you lol. :p:p

Hey, nice job. I think youre out of beginners now. :smiley:

Those are just the ones I was landing, I’m about 1/10 on them today though, it’s getting easier. They’re really not that complex, just getting into a repetition that works is what I have to learn. Sometimes I still hit the tire too, or touch it as it’s spinning which knocks the pedals out of position (thank god for shin guards)

It’s not difficult if you get some speed, but I have trouble starting in my yard, it’s got random secret holes and stuff. But it helps me with my balance a lot if I ride through it, because it’s not as controlled of an environment, it’s a little random.

He’s peed on my uni before… luckily it was just the tire and I just washed it off, as you can see he’s an intact male, so he marks EVERYTHING.

And no I’m not out of the beginners, I have so much more to learn! and it’s only been a month.

BUT I can ride that 150 foot curb now almost every time!! It’s so cool!!! I’m starting to do little hops when riding backwards now too, getting more comfortable. I’ll consider myself not a beginner when I can do at least like 5 tricks or something, because I can’t even land that consistently. I was so psyched when I did the 2 in a row though, and went back to riding normally, it really made my day. I wished I had it on film