180 turns :(

im going to have a go at level 3 at my local unicycle club on . im pretty confident that ill be able to do most of the stuff for except the 180" turns. does it means one turn or can you 2 90" degree one after the other??? if i has to be the 180" turn how do you do it?? :thinking:

I have similar request… how to do tighter circles/180s with out using twisting turns.

for 180 degree hoptwists you should jump as high as you can. Before you jump, I twist the other way a little and then jerk my body as fast as I can while jumping. I can spin pretty fast. I also recommend doing 180s starting uphill, spinning, and ridin downhill. It just helps you gauge how much you can spin.

as for 180 degree turns, I would reccomend leaning in as far as you can until you almost fall, and then speed your pedaling up a bit. You should jerk through the turn fast and ride away. I placticed this by putting a cone in my driveway and hairpin turning around it. My turns got tighter and tigher every time I tried.

                             Good Luck!

Hoppin’ is in my future but not yet. The cone is a good idea, thanks. I have been doing something similar with the four-square courts at a local elementary school.

Clint May has some great advice but when i want to do a 180 without hopping i come to a stop, get the pedals even (as you would before a jump), Stand up on them and swing the top of my body around, bringing the unicycle around using my waist with the momentum.