180 tire hops

Just wondering if anyone could offer me some tips on learning 180 tire hops. Hand positioning, stance, how to start etc. It’s something I’ve been meaning to learn for a while but I always freak out when I try because I can’t seem to get the spin right.

I can 270 and 360 so I think I’m ready to tackle this one. How should I start? :slight_smile:

Hello Mr Neaves.

I learnt 180 unispins on wheel in about 15 minutes. The only problem was fear but all I had to do was commit. It is very simple really. My hand positioning is the same as when I do normal unispins. At first just try to throw the seat 180 and not land it and see if you can get the spin. The next step is to just do it!

Hope this helps.

I want to beat you to this one >.>

Hello Mr Nankivell.

Only 15 minutes, huh? I better go out and just commit! …just like everything lol. I’ve been trying to sort of pivot the seatpost, I can’t quite explain it but it doesn’t seem to be working very well for me. When I get my unicycle back from the LBS I’ll see if I can make any progress. Will post with an update soon!

Alice, I don’t think so! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s really not so hard, but I find it easier when the seat is facing to the left (I spin clockwise) so you don’t have to make room for the handle on the seat when you’re spinning. And it took me three tries to land my first one.:stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I see that you last post is from 10 days ago, I guess you’ve prolly landed it by now…

Thanks for that, I kinda forgot about these untill you posted here. That tip helped me land it! :smiley: