180 Suicide Mount (quicktime)

Here is a few second clip of me landing a 180 Suicide mount.

I started the original thread mistakenly in the wrong forum:

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Link to the Clip

Nice work Sofa. About that wheel- That couldn’t possibly be the same type I use, could it?

Watching you makes me want to learn to do that, too! I have to learn it without the 180 first, I suppose?

Is that snow in the grass behind you? Is that recent?

yeah, it was this morning at 7.

It’s an anomoly (sp?) though, it’ll be gone by this aft
Learning it sans-180 might be a more logical progression, but then again, not really neccessary, I suppose.

Yes, Spyder, same wheel. Not such a baby tire, though

I think I’m doing it basically the same as you. We both let go slightly before the uni is totally sideways.

Though this was the first time I got it and my tries were definitely sketchy (no doubt I am holding on to the uni more then you) so I wouldn’t expect them to be anwhere near the sweet perfection of your’s in the clip. That looks so smooth! Nice!

Anyway, I’m sore today. But I’ll go out in the next few days and try it on something other then wet dirt. Also, I want to try a 360 and a kickup mount. I imagine the 360 would look cooler because you have to get the spin down first and you have more time then the 180.

Thanks for the clip and the advice.

Brian Mackenzie - IT Solutions

Hey, as they say around here, you clean up good! I edited the url from your video to direct my browser to your home page, Brian Mackenzie - IT Solutions. Seeing you standing there, I laughed and said outloud, “It’s Sofa!” :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you, thank you.

(The suit that I am wearing in the photo is tinted green from blue, so it doesn’t look like I only own one :))

Are you refering to my 24X3 FIREBALL as a “BABY TIRE”? I hope KH doesn’t read this!

you know what? I forgot about you having that one when I was posting…I was picturing the 2.3 Stout. My apologies, and congratulations on your fine tire.

Apology accepted. I’m sure the reason you were thinking of the Stout was because it’s still unsold. And don’t forget, I’ve also got a HOOKWORM.

Re: Brian Mackenzie - IT Solutions

Isn’t “Photoshop” wonderful?

Re: Re: Brian Mackenzie - IT Solutions

Yes, the ability to export an image directly to an HTML table is great!

(blatant nerd humour)


Awsome Clip Sofa. I take back all the mean things i said about you! :smiley:

Re: Re: Re: Brian Mackenzie - IT Solutions

That’s exactly what I meant.