180 one handed 180 rolling unispin...

I don’t remember who it was, but someone on universe2 did a move where they jumped in the air taking both feet off the pedals, spun 180 degrees, and landed backwards. With my newly acquired sixsixones I started trying many things I had been to cautious of before (I crank grabbed to rubber on one of those 2’ cable spools for the first time, pumped about that) and I decided to go for the 180 no-footer (suppose that’s what you would call what he did in the movie, I don’t know).

I did it a few times without spinning, no biggie, but throwing in that half rotation just fouled everything up. Got bored with it, and started doing other things (like riding one footed wearing the shin/knee pads trying to find a position that didn’t hurt the back of my knees) and 360’s (which still hasn’t clicked in my head yet…) blah blah blah… but anyway, I road away from a 180 unispin, meaning that I was riding the uni backwards, and when Igot to the end of my driveway I decided to go for the no-footer again. jumped, the back of my viscount seat was in my right hand, and when my feet left the pedals my unicycle decided it wanted to spin on it’s own. By sheer chance my I landed smack perfectly on the pedals with the seat in the correct position (having spun 360 degrees the same direction as my body spinning 180) I paniced and fell on me bum ,but not until after one full pedal revolution.

I really regret that there was no camera running/someone else there because it was so great, and I doubt I can do it again anytime soon. Has anyone else ever done this? is there a name for it other than what i have said? Will I ever be able to do it at will???

(Funny how I only find something relevant and exactly what i was curious about in the 540 thread after i typed this all out… jesch)

Jacinto Ayuso did a no footed 180 in Universe 2.

After this i’m having real trouble understanding what youre saying…but it sounds like you did a 360 unispin with a 180 in it.
Dan Heaton does one in Universe 2 and i’ve got another video of Jacinto doing it at mondo or something.

my bad. I was not being very clear when I typed this all out… after watching universe not only did I realize that what I did wasn’t as exciting as I first thought, and that it was something that dan heaton did… and you were right, the part that confused you was my description of Jacinto Ayuso’s no footed 180. …

I remember that one by Dan Heaton. It looks amazing in U2. I dont know that it would feel amazing though. The camera angle added a lot to it I think.

You might try spinning 180, and a 180 in the other direction unispin.

In skateboarding, a 360 board varial with a 180 body varial (in the same direction) is known as a Big Spin. I’m not sure if the name is applicable to uniing though.