180 mount

when you first start learning a 180 mount, do you put your unicycle backwards to turn it so you can sit on it or do you put it forwards and turn it backward? I can do it when my unicycle is backwards and i turn it so i can sit on it but i dont know if this is the right way to do the 180 mount.

As long as you start spining and jumping at the same time you should be okay with the mount.
I never did the mount that much, i forgot how i did it but how you do it (starting with seat backwards) sounds very logical.
I think the reason you need to start with it backwards is because you sit down right away after you mount. Maybe try to bo it but stand up on the pedals and hop.
But do what ever feels better for you… sit down or stand up, start with seat backwards or start with it foward… I don’t think it matters (I may be wrong though, not an expert on it).