180 Flip

Yes i finally got them…here is sort of a progression video…check it

nice congrats to you. wish i could do these but all ive learnt so far is zero plant and 180unispin, bearing in mind that is on a 20" learner dodger. Anyways congratulations, im gonna learn this after i finally learn crankflips.

Good job! I can’t seem to get the flipping motion while trying to twist.

dude, you should work on it, i can get the flip for the hickflip now:D (i couldn’t before)

Good Job.


KJ Five Tweezy haha…
Good rapper.


I hope you don’t mind, I put my vid as a response to yours since I learned them right after you.
180 flips

no problem, you cant really see it very well but you can make it out…good job