180 Flip tutorial

i did a search, but to no avail. no before anyone starts asking, yes i can already crankflip and i can already 180, however combining the two tricks is still a mystery to me. also, it’s not like i’m a beginner at either. i learned to flip like 2 years ago and can single and double flip on flat as well as gaps drops and stairs. the trick is not a new one for me. the same with 180’s; i’ve been doing them since i learned how to ride pretty much (about 7 years ago) so i’ve got no issues with them.

i’ve been working on 180 flips for a while now, but i can;t seem to figure out the best way to get things to flow. is there a particular order to how you have to start the tricks? should i begin 180ing then flip, or flip and 180 at the same time? etc. if someone could post a tutorial on how to learn 180 flips i’d be much obliged. also if somebody could post a video of some really clean 180 flips so i can kinda get the rythm down. y’all rock!

Logically, it seems like the flip would be right after you jump and turn for the 180, probably giving the “kick” half way through the 180 so it finishes nicely with your landing.

The key to a 180 flip is not to flip hard, do a gentle high flip and twist your body. Its easier to learn a 180 flip off a curb first then flat, the most important factor for me is not flipping hard because when i do i over rotate the flip.

ok. flipping too hard may have been part of my problem. also, where should i look when trying it?

when i 180 i tend to focus on my landing and just kind of let my eyes flow with the trick and watch the spot i plan on landing a little bit past. however when i crankflip, i usually focus on my front crank while also making a point of keeping my landing somewhere in my line of vision.

also, i flip left foot forward and 180 to the left if that helps any.

When I attempt 180 flips the unicycle is way in front of me. Is that from trying to kick too hard?

that’s pretty much the same issue i have. like i stay over the uni until i get about past 1/4 of the 180 and then the uni flies out in front of me.

Yeah I don’t know if it is because I kick it too hard or if I am doing something wrong :thinking:

Well hopefully this thread will help us both

I agree!:smiley:

thats a very common thing for the uni to be in front of you on a 180 flip. I basic way of looking at it is when you do a 180 you lean back a lil bit and the unicycle is in front of you and then you fall off. So the key is to lean forward more, its kinda like a commitment thing.

Ill try to make a vid after this weekend for you guys, took me a lil while to get 180 flips.

Start with 90 Flip, then you’ll get the trick to flip and twist on the same trick, that’s how I started. I landed the 90 flip really clean on my first try so I started to try 180 flips and landed them clean all on the same day!

Here’s one of the fisrt I landed… actually I think it’s my 4th one:p

Thanks Jakob i will try that:p

awesome dude. thanks a lot for the tips and the video. i can’t wait to start working on them.

When I learned to 180 flip, I did what Jakob did. I learned to ride straight and do a 90 flip landing sideways, and then I did a pivot so I was sideways and 90 flipped so I was backwards, to work on the landing. Then it was just a matter of combining the two to get a clean 180 flip.

The problem for me now is I can not make it to 180. I can make it to 90 ok but not easily. I have trouble flipping and being able to spin all at the same time. Do you have any tips on how I can spin 180 or even just 90 consistant while flipping?

do you spin in the same direction as your kicking foot? i can spin both ways and i was just out messing around with 90 flips. i kick with my left foot so i initially started trying them while turning to the left(my dominant direction) i was landing them after about 10 tries or so. then just for fun i tried one spinning to the right and found it to be much harder to get a decent flip and spin a full 90 at the same time.

so yea if you’re spinning the same direction as your kicking foot it seems to be easier(for me at least)

I do 180 flips away from my kicking foot. I think it’s easier to get a full 180 that way.

As for practicing to get the full twist, just start by pivoting heavily into it. Then, over time, reduce the pivot until you can just bust it with a clean 180.