180 flip and varials

can anyone give advise on how to land 180 flips and varials? I couldnt find any advise and I want to land them badly, thanks.

At your level of riding I would say just practice.

ok thanks, I was just woundering if there was any tips (like lean back when trying to ww) that would help, I guess I should just get off the computer and practice.

For 180 flips, I think you need to experiment with what works best for you. I would say try to keep your body in a vertical line with the uni while you are spinning. Also, try to kick your feet up, rather than out. That way it is easier to get them back down in time to catch the flip. Those are the things that helped me go from almost landing them to landing them

Kevin McMullin

thanks, that did help. I landed a few earlyer :smiley: so hppy now :smiley: and it was wet

heres a quick vid of me landing a 180flip, its still uploading so may not work

Dooooooooood, your getting so good for someone whos been riding as long as you. I’m guessing you can already hick?

nice work, you spin the same style as me, for most people that would be a blind 180 flip, but not me and you.
yeah can you hick?
i made a vid of me doing smallspins varials and varialflip, do you wanna look see to see how a varial?

I cant hick yet, havnt realy tried it. I have landed a varial but not rolled out of one yet. I saw your video which Is why I started to learn them. I will probably learn hicks next although my freestyle uni should come in about a week when they get my tyre in stock, then I want to get my 1ft ww better and learn to glide.

sick. my varial does most of the 80 and unispin, but i dont roll out very well, that stuffs em up

Hicks are pretty simple. I havnt heard of anyone learning Varialflips before hicks. Do you guys 180 Flip the same way you normaly hop twist? I do, but I do all my spins, Varials, Bigspin, etc. The opposite way I hoptwist which made them hard to learn, I’m closer to Inwardflip then Varialflip ^^

i learnt outflips before hicks

Same with me, it is pretty annoying.

I got hicks before outs. But thats pretty cool, why hick when you can out. Seat in moves look so much better.

yeah but i prefer hicks. i can do both easily though

prefer Hickflips… but why? its like the zero plant version of a Footplant Crankflip. I can do Hickflips static but not Outflips. Unless I were doing Hickflips static I’d prefer Outflips.


What dont you get? Why do you prefer Hickflips? I think outflips are pretty much impossible static.