18" JuggleBug (For the beginners)

The 18" JuggleBug.

This is a beginners Uni for someone of small built. I’m 5’6", and 110 lbs, it isn’t horrible to use, but it needs to be taller for me. heh

It’s a nice ride for flatland and nice to learn on. The seat does slightly tear after a day of dropping it but it’s okay. For flat riding and learning(what it is made for) it does wonderful. The plastic rim holds well, and the tire keeps a nice grip. For trials and urban riding, simple. Don’t do it. Rim whites and dings up pretty bad but is fun. Also if you pop the tire it can be hard to find a replacement.

For beginners and lite use, 8/10!

Good luck.


It sounds like mine. Do you have pics?
Here is my unicycle looks like after some modification on the seat post because i’m also 5’6" :

How do we insert pics by the way?

I’m thinking that they might not have access to that uni any more as the post was from 2002

I notice that also after I posted the reply. so, I deleted it. I found that you reply after that. sorry.

No problem. It’s always intersting to see some of the old threads come back to life again.

my jugglebug

Nice! I have a red one in the garage just waiting for my grandson to get old enough.

modified the seat post for my height.