18 Hours Scouts Honor, Richmond VA

18 Hours Scouts Honor is on September 22-23 on a Boy Scout campground in Goochland, VA, about 30 min. west of Richmond. There’s a unicycle category. At least two unicyclists, myself and Aaron Brown, will be riding.

The registration is $80, but we usually get most of it back in prize money just for showing up on unicycles.

Anyone wanna join us?

I’ve been trying to get some Muni riders together in the Richmond area for a while now. Guess you guys don’t use these forums much anymore. Anyway, I’m interested in riding with your team. Sounds like fun…

Yeah I definitely don’t check the forum as often as I used to. We ride Northbank/Buttermilk/Forest Hill from time to time. Would love for you to join us.

We’re hoping to get at least 4 riders on Scouts Honor, for maybe two duo teams. It’d be nice to have an actual competition in the unicycle class. Any DC or NC riders interested? Price goes up to $90 on Wednesday.

Just one bump. MadFurai, are you registered?

Not yet. Are you going to the Asheville Muni Round Up the weekend after this event? Due to family obligations, I’m not sure I can do both. Either way, I’m going to PM you so we can get together and ride. I’ll let you know about the Richmond race as soon as possible.

Hell-on-wheel, check your private messages and contact me if you can. I have some questions.

This sounds like fun but I’m also going to Asheville and can’t do both. Keep me in mind next time.

-Ro in Raleigh

This is a week from tomorrow in case anybody is interested. It will be the first time I’ve ever attempted anything like this on a Uni, so I’m keeping my goals realistic. I’ve only been riding Uni for 19 months, and didn’t try technical Muni until about 7 months ago, so it should be an adventure for sure. I’ve never ridden more than 7 miles at a time before, and I’ve never ridden at night. I’ll be riding my 26-inch Kris Holm with touring handle and Oracle disc brake system.

Since the weather is cooling off some, I expect my legs will be the first thing to give out. I’ll be taking frequent breaks since the loop is over 8 miles long. I’ll see how I feel after 2 loops. I have never ridden this trail before (private land), so I’m not sure how technical it is. One of the mountain bikers said it is part fire road and part technical single-track. That could mean anything. :roll_eyes: