175mm cranks good for novice at Moab?

I now have TWO cranks sizes for my 2006 Torker DX 24". I want to ask what you all think would be the best choice for me at Moab since I am a novice at Muni, especially terrain as extreme as Moab, and the altitude as well. The standard cranks are 152mm. The other I now have is 175mm. I relalize the difference is pretty wide, but I would like to know if the 175’s would be better for a novice at Moab than the 152’s. And, there are no other cranks made or available other than these two sizes, so I can’t get anything else. My guess is that as far as climbing and going downhill, I will have amuch easier time of it with the longer cranks, although I will give up speed, which is fine with me.

175 will be good for leverage, 152 will be good for distance. What kind of distances are you used to riding? If you choose to do longer rides, you might want to go with the shorter cranks, otherwise stick with the 175s for more power.

Bring both sets, so you can change your mind.

id say go with the ones you feel more comfortable with. If your a nonvice rider than maybe the 175mm woulld be good for just putz’n and going slower but up steeper things easier.

I have 140mm on my Muni, and i love them. so if you use the 152mm thell be good too!

for moab, for a novice, i’d highly recommend the 175s. start practicing with them now though so you’re completely used to them by moab. i know my 160s let me ride more than some companions who had 150s, and the one guy who had 170s rode more than i did.

I’ll bring both, but will probably go with the 175’s because I’d rather give up a little speed, climb easier, than WALK half the way, right? Wouldn’t the 175’s also be better for trials than the 152’s? I expect to have the 175’s delivered this Thursday. Will they make hopping/gapping any easier? I’m also having trouble transitioning to sif hopping; it seems MUCH more difficult to maintain balance.

Put the 175’s on and ride it now, and decide what you like best.

But I would say the 175’s would be easier for Moab.