170 km ride for MS

Well, I went to the cycling festival today.

I got persuaded (it wasn’t too hard) to help raise money to fight

It’s a 2 day trek from Grand Bend to London, with accomodations for the night.

I’ll, of course, be on the Coker/127’s

On top of the $40 entry fee, I need to come up with $200cdn in pledges. :wink: :wink: (please email me if you are interested)

Should anyone be interested in pledging me, both me and the foundation would greatly appreciate it!

There’s a lot of rides, you should check out the site to see if there are any in your neck of the woods.


Re: 170 km ride for MS

That’s not too bad, that’s only about $20US right?:smiley:
If you can get me a receipt, I’m in.

Thanks Bugman!

I called the MS society to make sure the pledges are tax-exempt and receipted. I can’t see why they wouldn’t be, but I’ll repost when I hear from them tomorrow AM

Oh and Hey! Our dollar is climbing now…it would take $23 to equal $200can these days :frowning:

Dear Bugman, and anyone else interested…

The donations are indeed a receiptable tax write-off

Bugman, check your PM