16th Annual LBI Unithon

The 16th Annual LBI Unithon will be taking place on Saturday, September 28, 2013 on Long Beach Island, NJ.

Short notice? Yes.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys? Hell yeah!

Our Facebook page is chock full of opportunities to yack to your hearts content.

Details, entry forms, and forms for rustling up sponsors are available at the amazing Web -1.0 LBI Unithon page.

Be there or be elsewhere.

Crikey, I’ve skipped a year. This is the 15th Annual LBI Unithon.

Well, still the same fun day!

Isn’t it still underwater from Hurricane Sandy? :smiley:

I was down on the island in July doing a unicycle demo at a kids program at the LBI Foundation. My wife and I drove around a bit and while there is still quite a bit of construction going on the roads and streets are all open and the ride should be an Autumnal Delight.

Looking forward to seeing all the NY/NJ/PA riders out on the shore tomorrow. After the ride, you have to walk up the steps of the lighthouse WITHOUT touching the handrail.