165mm ISIS cranks

Looking for a pair of 165 mm ISIS cranks, if you have a pair and don’t need em, let me know.


I know it is not exactly the size but I have a set of Qu-ax 170mm ISIS cranks brand new.
You can look at the link in my signature to see a pic of them.

Let me know if it can fit your need :slight_smile:

Hmm, It’s a bit longer than I was looking for, but I’ll keep it in mind. I like that page you have there with all your extra parts. I should do something like that too.

I have a pair of 165 moments in VGC that are surplus to my needs…I’ll dig them out and take a few pics and post later today. $60 sound fair?

sure, as long as their in decent shape. sounds great. what’s VGC?

Very Good Condition. These have some surface scratches that could be polished out; threads and ISIS part are in great condition. I used these for a few months on one unicycle, took them off and they’ve been in my parts box since.

looks good. i’ll take em. paypal good? what about shipping?

PM sent!