165 mm profile cranks $75.00

165mm profiles, chrome in great shape.

Are these ISIS?

no, profiles are splined. Only fit profile hub.

From the pics on Profile site, I always wondered if they would not fit also the KH/Onza hub (it is also a 48-splines hub and the default cranks are tubular too).

I know, I know… it doesn’t help much if nobody tested :smiley:

I know that the kh uses a profile but I not sure if it is the same. Post the question, many others will know.

The first production / sold to the masses KH’s (Steel frames) used a Profile hub & crank set up. (aprox. 2002-2005). Since then Kris has been using an ISIS standard set up.

My KH29 is from about 2005 or 2006 and it was an aluminum frame with the black KH/Onza splined hub. And it was the last step before the 2007/2008 KH Moment hub blue with cut-outs.

That means there is a likeliness of compatibility for KH muni from this era that still have the stock hub (mine is now in ISIS thanks to a Nimbus hub).

Now that I think about it some more, the earlier KH’s did use the Onza set up. An 8 spline arrangement if I’m not mistaken. The Profile set ups may have been done by individual riders and may not have been a factory install.

There is probably a post somewhere here that gives us some history re: this, but obviously we’re too lazy to search for it :smiley:

If it is the 48 tooth they are exactly right if they are the 8 tooth no.