16" unicycle

I am looking for a 16" unicycle preferably with an ISIS hub at a reasonable price. I was looking to get a nimbus 16" trials uni but they no longer carry it.

Any one have one they are will to part with?

I actually just bought one about a month or so ago. If you can’t find a used one…Unicycle.com in Canada still has them. Shipping is a little more to the US but they have them.

I seen that but is customs going to be a problem?

It wasn’t a problem for me. I ordered it shipped expedited (one price up from the default shipping). It takes longer to get here (I think about 2 1/2 weeks) but no problem occurred. It was shipped to my door, the only thing I had to do was sign for it and I think that was because it was an international shipment.

One thing I forgot to mention is it came with a Nimbus II style frame not the round frame that is pictured, which I thought was a bit cooler since it is a trials unicycle.