16" trials uni

every one is after a light trials uni has anyone made a 16" trials uni.or is it not possible as you could not get a strong enough rim in the 16" size.

i’ve been thinking about it for a while, and ive decided to get 2 sixteen inch rims, weld them together and put a common hub between them, using as many spokes as i can lace it up and bob’s your uncle fanny’s your aunt.when i have some spare cash, wont be for a while, im gonna buy some materials and make a 16 inch frame, buy a hub and cranks and get a seat and things.

i’ll use two tyres on the rims to make it more bouncy/ larger air volume. i cant wait to make it, if it’s good i’ll get some decent hub/cranks for it.


I made a thread about using 16" wheels for trials a while ago. I just tried to find it then but the search function doesn’t seem to go back that far. It’d be really nice for technical stuff, and could be very light. I know if a strong 16" trials uni was available I’d buy one but yeh there aren’t any good rims or tyres.

Good luck building your strange 16" trials uni. I hope you’re not expecting it to be very strong. It sounds fun though.


I like your 16" trials uni idea. the only thing is, with 2 rims, and tires, i don’t think you’re gonig to end up saving alot of weight. It should make for a cool ride though!


Yeh, it’d be nice for still stands. :slight_smile:

Given that the smaller a wheel is, the stronger it is; wouldn’t even a fairly low quality 16" be fairly strong cos of its size.

Especially if you can get a fat tyre to fit it.

Well in my thread someone mentioned that you get get pretty good 16" wheels for trials bikes for kids. I still don’t know how much I’d trust one for drops and gaps. Apart from that though, the rest would probably be single-walled rims wouldn’t they?


yeah i hadn’t thought of that really, but it’ll still be a laugh:D

it might make tricks like unispins easier to have a sixteen inch wheel so it might be easier to mix up unispins with pedal grabs and grinds.

it also might be good for small kids to start trials with a 16".
UDC have a sixteen inch uni with a fairly beefy tyre that looks cool.sixteen inch

Before beginning this project, try measuring the diameter of the monty trials 19" rim or the 19" DX32. You’ll be surprised…

I get 15.5", about the same as a 19"DX-32 and monty 19" trials… :astonished: