16" nimbus trials uni... why?

i saw this and wondered why someone would want a 16" trials. is it for smaller people? Who here rides one? just wondering

hey, there are some kick ass little dudes out their (and some really bored big dudes)

Yeah, when you were a kid were you smaller? Some kids are too small to handle a 20". I guess the question then is, are they heavy enough to need a splined hub? :roll_eyes:

There was this little person at FLUCK and he was doing amazing stuff, his wheel looked like a 29" does on me it was really amazing. Obviously the unicycle is made for people like him, the tiny people who do trials.

I filmed an 8 year old boy, crankflipping a 3 set on that uni today…
He wouldn’t have a chance on a 20"!


hahaha that would be sweet.

light and small :sunglasses:

Be pathetic to ride, or get speeds with. Ill stick to 20s.

it is a sick ride(and i havent riden one yet). yeah it would be slow. 20’s are better but that is still sick.

Besides speed what would be bad about it?

re speed: put a geared hub in it :smiley:

Although that might confound the weight advantage somewhat.

Tire volume and rim width.

Couldn’t you have a wider rim and tire?

If anybody would make one.

A 16" unicycle would most likely be used for indoor purposes really. :smiley: :smiley:

I just dont think too much of it, unless your really young and or small.

We could keep getting smaller, 12" 10", 8", 4". Loose the speed, save some weight, keep to static really, tuck like it doesnt take any technique or skill. Ride a pogo stick. :roll_eyes:
Im just having fun, dont take me to serious, or think im mad. Be funny if you do though, or if you miss this section.

I like 12" unicycles like this Nimbus and this Sun. :smiley:

My first unicycle was a 12" like that Sun that Hazmat just posted above! I fitted a chunkier tyre to it and used it for trials until I bought a proper trials uni. It screwed it up but it was great fun!

Rock on!

monty 16x2.4