16 inch rim

I found a thread about a 16 inch trials rim. I am not interested in the b*ke rim, but I would like to know where Evan Byran got the alex rim. My little cousine(8 years old) has goten into trials and I am tring to find strong wheel parts that are his size.

I am on the wrong computer, so i dont have the link to the page that has the rims, Though i did but it to build a mini trials uni, but i was unable to find any splined crank short enough to do the job, so you can use a suze hub but if your using that there is no point in having a double wall rim.

Sorry Evan, I missed an e at the end of your name.

Wow, I was going to cut out only the sentence I wanted, but I didn’t realize the whole thing was one.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that the forces on shorter cranks would be much less then that on longer one. Because the 16 inch rim is so small, the cranks would have to be very short and even a square taper wheelset should be able to take quite a bit of abuse. Even more so because the rider is so young and, presumably, small.