16/7/09 Unicycle-Tirol-Show



drop a comment :wink:


geile show :smiley:

3:26 was the best!!!

Wow, nice. That was cool you were doing awesome tricks on the first try and there were minimal falls during the whole show. 3spin off the the drop and trey and trey double off the 4 (or 5?) set were really nice. Its funny (but expected) that you got more applause on some of the more simple easy things because they looked better to the audience. I liked it a lot.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

woah, treydouble on a show :smiley:

Raph you are the man. That was awesome. Elias too

At 4:56 I like the running jump over the palettes and mid-air mount.
Great show!

Wow, you guys are good!:smiley:

Really nice video

coole show!

That whole show was amazing, and that was the bounciest stand-up ww I’ve ever seen, lol.

Hahaha yes

haha thank you for yor comments, yes elias stand up looks very weird xD


haha +1

the show was really amazing!! the 3spin of those pallets was insane! you guys did really a lot of very difficult tricks in the show, without falling a lot :slight_smile:

It looks like there was a lot of audience… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this video :D,the show is very cool :):):)!

That was amazing i remember when me and some other guys did a show, i got really nervous and we screwed up at the end so it’s really impressive what you guys do up there :wink:

that was awesome! you did stuff i can only dream of doing, but inder the pressure of a show!
makes the show i did look terrible lol…