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So this thread was already done but just for 12-14 year old riders so here it is for 15 years or older riders. I´m fairly curious of what skill level us riders are at. Set up a post like this:
i´ll start
birthday:22nd december
how long do you ride:7months
Riding Style:flat and a bit street and trials
Daily Practice Time:from 15min till some hours
favourite trick:360-wraproll-varialroll-360
~Tricks you can do~
6.leg around on tire and 180 so seat in back on tire
7.rolling 5spin and 360 sidespin
9.inwardvarialroll with 2 pushes
10.superroll 1/2backroll-legaround-1/2 backroll and wraproll-backroll x3

there is already a 15-16 year old riders thread…

sorry i thought there was just one for 12-14 years old

I can,

My big tricks are

  1. Treyflip (off 2-3 pallets)
  2. 5spin
  3. blind 5spin
  4. outflip
  5. outsexchange
  6. one handed doubleflip (on flat)
  7. blind 360 sidespin
  8. 4 set crankflip, wooden rail grind

My little® tricks are

  1. Inward bigspin
  2. bigspin
  3. 180 flip
  4. hickflip
  5. 270- 180-90 (maybe with two or three 180’s)
  6. 270-270
  7. Doubleflip off of high stuff. (4 pallets, etc.)
  8. Crankflip of 2 set and up 20 inches.

Other stuff too.

Edit: I forgot flat and trials


  1. Superoll
  2. rollingwrap x2
  3. rollingwrap-backroll
  4. working on varial rolls


static 67cm. sidehop
prehop 84cm.
5 foot 4 inch gap. (though I never practice, I’m sure I could get more)
I don’t know what else to put :stuck_out_tongue:

~Tricks you can do~

  1. 180 Doubleflip
  2. Bigflip
  3. Sex change fakieflip
  4. 270 sidespin (onto wheel)
  5. 180 sidespin (on wheel)
  6. Donkey walk 3 revs
  7. Stand up WW 2 revs
  8. Hick doubleflip
  9. Hick overflip
  10. Handrails

do you do inward bigspin with the normal or the blind 5 spin

for a bigspin, its with a 360. hugespins are with a 540

there is no 5 spin in a bigspin, bigspin is 360 unispin with a 180 hoptwist

Mine is not as spectacular as yours, but i’ll post it anyway…

Name: Jacob Flansberry
Age: 15
birthday: March 31, 1994
how long do you ride: 4/5 years, but 3 years of serious riding
Riding Style: Trials, a little little bit of street
Country: Canada
Daily Practice Time: I would say around 2hours and more
favourite trick: Crankflip
~Tricks you can do~
-180 unispin
-1foot WW
-unispin 90/180/90
-180 tiregrab
-78cm sidehop static(easily)
-riding forward…:stuck_out_tongue:
-360 hop twist

I think it’s pretty much what I can do…

yes but inward smallspin is the opposite of bigspin
and inward bigspin the opposite of huge spin

I just landed a 450 unispin.

grrr colby, why do you have to land that before i do! ive been trying for ages lol

birthday:March 26
how long do you ride: 5 years ?
Riding Style:Everything
Daily Practice Time:none - 2hrs.
favourite trick:idk
~Tricks you can do~

  1. 5spin
  2. treyflip
  3. some flat combos
  4. varial doubleflip
  5. 180 doubleflip
  6. coast, glide, standup ww, sideways ww
  7. 360 sidespin
  8. 91cm sidehop
  9. 180 turnaround on a skinny
  10. lateflip
  11. 180 lateflip
  12. other stuff…

what is idk?

I dont know…It means I Dont Know. Haha, it’s funny…

idk means Incredible deadly killer.

I’m 16, am i still accepted into this thread?

I’m Graham,
I’m 16 years old
I ride trials.
I’ve been riding about 4 years now.
I live in the US.
My favorite tricks are: Skinny riding, ups, downs.
My favorite food is: pizza
My mothers name is: Kim.
I go to school in Minnesota.
I have 3 close friends, named Mike, Alex, and Isaac.
My friends skateboard.
I have 2 animals, a dog and a cat
My dogs name is Gunter
My cats name is Kitty
Ive met andy Cotter before.
I own a hat that says Hurley on it.
My favorite TV character is Hugo Rayez
My favorite TV show is Lost
I own the album Viva La Vida
My hair is brown
My eyes are brown
I might go to my friends house tonight
One time i snuck into Sams Club, and then did sque-easy shots
i work during summer
my favorite school subject is Math.
My bologna indeed does have a first name, but it is not oscar
my favorite tv show as a kid was arthur
i had tacos today for lunch
my couches are black
my brother has 2 cars
when i’m older i would like to visit: the UK
during winter i like to ski
i used to snowboard with a girl that i like
i own 3 guitars
2 of my guitars are red
my other favorite TV character is Charlie Pace
You all every body
I love the band Drive Shaft
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away
a battle raged.
For eons a fierce struggle had ravaged Plumonia,
and without intervention no one would live to see the end.
The inhabitants of Plumonia were creatures of virtue and peace.
However, there were those who held not the high regard for equality and honor.

It took me 5 minutes:p

I have gotten really consistant with my 5spins. I landed 3 in 4 minutes.

A tip for Simon. Just go for it, it’s really easy. All you have to do is bring your legs in really quick.

I found it easy to do it on a forgiving surface.

However, I didn’t do it in grass, I did it in a park where they have that squishy surface to impact kids falls. Not sure if you know what I mean.

Yes. You have to be older than the last day you are 14.