15ft drop off?

Hey, i know what ure thinking ‘Another drop off question from Ando…’ hahaha, well, yeah, it is.
I’ve just watched the Universe video, and i didn’t see HUGE drops. I mean, i saw say, 8ft or so (correct me if i’m wrong), but not any massive ones, such as 15ft which i have heard of Kris Holm doing.
Is this true Kris? Is there a video? Now i’m impressed if u could land that.
What about everyone else out there, what’s ure highest?
Has anyone set a world record?
I know that doing huge drops isn’t the be all and end all of unicycling, because technical skill is just as important as gettin’ extreme, but hey, just thought i’d ask, otherwise i might go to the Guiness World Record people and claim 5ft…

Re: 15ft drop off?

The dropoff Kris did in “Fat Tyre Fury” must be somewhere in that vicinity. He didnt land it, but to attempt it is insanity in itself! (sorry Kris, but youre mad!) Guess its not as bad as Bender in that same video… rode off a 60-odd foot dropoff on a mountain bike…4 times.

no, he didnt make it.