150mm Splined Cranks!!

Wow! That is excellent. The cranks were the weak link in our planned “perfect
unicycle”. The splined axle is expensive, but doable. Making custom cranks is,
from what I gather, not realistic as far as pricing. So finding 150mm splined
cranks is great! Now we need to get a splined axle on the suspended Telford, and
we’ll be set. All that’s left to find is money…bummer. What’s the pricing on
a set of 150’s ? I’ll be looking forward to seeing your web page.

Brett Bymaster “bloodman” http://shay.ecn.purdue.edu/~bymaster

<Brett Bymaster Wrote>
>> come to the conclusion that nothing but splined cranks will work. But I’ve
>> yet to find any 150mm splined cranks. Hmmmmm… bummer

<Georg Siegmon Answered>
>ask siegmono cycle we have 150mm splined cranks left and right from THUN brand
>and lots of other parts…including miyata.
>Georg Siegmon http://www.siegmono.de will be ready in few weeks.