150mm isis venture 2 left crank

I need a set of 150 isis cranks. I happen to have a pair of venture 2’s but the isis splines on the left one are bad. So the right one is taunting me. Before I go out and buy a new pair, does any one have a lonely left crank? I may also be interested in a set of cheap muni able isis cranks in the 150-137 range.

I use these (links below) - decent very strong, not too heavy 152mm Cromoly ISIS uni Cranks - $35 + shipping new. Both links are for same cranks - just different sites.



Build quality on these is not quite as good as Nimbus / KH, but they work well.

I had an issue with one loosening, but some lock-tite on the Crank bolt solved it.

Keep thinking of extra details to mention - these cranks pretty straight / low - Q maybe slightly wider than Nimbus. Definitely lower Q / narrower than KH.

Thanks Caseytronic. I will keep those in mind. I will probably be getting a few things from UDC UK soon so I may pick up some at that time. If someone sees this thread 5 years crom now I will probably still have a right one☺.

Matt I have a pair that you can have. They came on my 24" muni.

Send me a PM.