150mm ISIS cranks

Hi, the more I ride, the more I know I need shorter cranks (currently using 165mm on my 24")

I am a rather poor bloke, so am not very picky. Scratched up and ugly is fine by me!

I know Moments are the best bet… But I’m sure some Venture/Venture2’s wouldn’t be bad either.

Does anyone have some ol’ 150mm ISIS cranks they want off their hands?

I can pay via paypal or whatever. Not really trying to spend more than $50 altogether.



if you are looking for shorter cranks, I got a very good deal off eBay for brand new Sinz cranks in 145mm (http://www.ebay.com/itm/300560846163?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649).

They are lightweight and looks strong. They are the same one used by MountainUni to attach a disk brake.

If you want to save up money, you can consider trading (your 165mm cranks or other parts). If you want to do so, you’d better add a list of what you have available and people will contact you if they have cranks and are interested by something you have.


Call me an impulsive buyer, but I just bought 'em! Thanks for the link. Great price, seems good, perfect size. Word!

You’re not an impulsive buyer, just a discerning shopper :wink:

I have the same on my 26in muni and tried them recently and I am in love.

So you bought them already? I got a pair of 150s Moments if I’m wrong.

I saw your thread, and actually went onto UPS’s website to plug in how much shipping would be from Quebec to NJ… over 20 bucks, which isn’t all that bad, but a lot more than something local for me.

Who knows, if I end up not liking these ones I ordered, I may be sending you a PM lol… :o