$1500 unicycle?

To mine.:wink: I actually have all the parts but your cranks.

Before I saw the uni’s on UDC I thought uni’s were supposed to be, an average uni, $50-120, but now I see those prices sure are bargains!Anyways, I thought you had to be crazy and/or filthy stinkin’ rich to get a uni from UDC.I know one thing for sure: Right now, I’m not considering getting one of those, I’m considering other uni accesories, though.

No, it means you got a good job and anyway you’re just jealous.

WHen I was 15 I invested over $1200 into to my muni, while simultaneously paying 500 dollars on a trails and several hunderd on riding gear. I’ve spent well over $5000 on unicycling in the past 4 years, and it hasn’t made a dent in my meager budget.

I’m probably going to spend about $650 to $1000 on a muni. It pretty much depends on if I decide to have a brake and thomson seatpost/Cf base and handle. I’m 12 though, and have been saving up my money for like 5 years waiting for somehting legitimate to spend it on. Unicycles it is!

You can get this Sun 20" for $65, but you get what you pay for.

A good entry level uni like this (red or Blue)Nimbus 20" for $147 would be better.