$1500 unicycle?

well when i first got my unicycle i talked to a guy in richardson bike mart. he showed me some pic and he had htis awesome looking uni. he said it was $1500. does any1 have pics of a uni this expensive.

go to www.unicycle.com and go to trials unicycles and its the kh pro, or go to rough terrain and the advanced ones, there all expensive

nowadays you dont have to spend that much money for a good sturdy unicycle, all those are quite old

whoa i never thought they could get that high i thought they only went to $500. :roll_eyes:

i prolly spent about 600 on my unicycle…

The Shlumph HUB alone is worth that much

I bought a used unicycle that the guy spent $1,200 Canadian including upgrades.

This one is $1,600, and you could spend a few hundred more on a better saddle.

Prices have really come down recently!

your talkin about a $500 frame, Profiles, Brakes, the top of the line stuff. you aren’t going to find many better parts any where

uh, maybe 4 years ago. why spend an extra grand for a steel frame?
Note: Upgrade to Profile hub (with lifetime warranty) for just $100!
welgo pedals? no cf base?

man to get any uni over $700 you just got ego problems…

my freestyle unicycle cost over $1000.

wyganowski frame is a few hundred
48 spoke wheel with a decent rim another hundred or so
miyata saddle
2 pairs of cranks about 50
rubber pedals, non marking tyre, seat post clamp

and then it cost almost 200 to ship it from america to perth because
at the time there were no other suppliers i could get from.

the biggest thing that killed my bank account was the currency conversion.
i think at the time it was about 1USD to 1.6AUD. so all in all i paid over $1000.

Isn’t a new Schlumpf about $1500? That may have been it. Or build your own 2-speed unicycle, keep track of your hours of labor, and see if you can do it any cheaper…

sruley conundrum with profiles? easily $1500.

The touring unicycles are quite expensive, Dave Stockton’s work doesn’t come cheap, however it doesn’t break when you’re 500km from home either…

Once it arrives and is fully paid for (is it in the mail yet, Dave?!) it’s going to have been over 1000$, easily.

If you have a $1,500 unicycle, you shouldn’t have any problems. Custom frame, custom wheel, custom seat, Magura Brakes, high end seatpost and seat clamp. You can easily have $1,500. Keep in ming that price is all relative. For a 16 year old, that seems like a lot of money, to a 40 year old, it’s an inexpensive toy.

Great wheel no doubt. Is it in the mail yet?:smiley: That’s a good one.

This one’s pretty close

I wouldn’t call it inexpensive, but I know what you’re getting at - it’s all relative to how much spare money you’ve got to start with. Certainly a unicycle is far less expensive than an equivalent bike though (but it should be, most of the bits are missing :p).

also, compared to say, a nice car, a top of the line uni is almost dirt cheap.

pdc, I’m going to steal your coker once I figure out where you live;)

I take umbrage with this comment not because it betrays ignorance but because it insults others. Insulting others when you don’t have enough information seems pretty stupid, but I don’t want to say that it IS stupid in this case because I don’t have enough information. But a few more posts like that one and I’ll feel a bit more confident in my assessment.

On the subject of expensive unis, I have only two ego problems: my Stockton-built Coker deluxe with the Wyganofsky (sp?) extention and the 2nd-generation Schlumpf guni (also with a Wyg. extention). And I’m planning to get another ego problem in a few weeks: That gorgeous yellow muni in the link (or something just like it).

Ive figured out that in the 10 months ive been riding ive spent (give or take a few pennies) $1456.00 CAD on unicycles…WOW thats alot…For me anyways.

Opps for got new CF base and saddle

New total= $1626.00 CAD

that was it that was the one he showed me!. that one is pretty sweet.