150,s for kh update

I posted earlier asking about the availability of 150 cranks for a kh.Thanks to everyone who replied.
Here’s what happened.
I called Roger at UDC to find my only option was 140,s so i ordered a set.Next day i recieve the package,it’s a birthday present from my other half so I can’t open it.Instead I place it carefully on the coffee table and go to the pub.On my return I fondle my package while the wife watches t.v.
I leap out of bed and before the kettle boils the bubble wrap is off.Oh no! I have a set with the ankle biting knubs on.10 minutes of grinding later and I hurridly fit the cranks dismayed at the massive difference in size.Then I remove the cranks and fit the one with an L to the left hand side…Idiot!
These cranks are tiny.I try a freemount in the back yard and my front foot lands with just the heel on the pedal at a very Chaplinesque angle and I have to dismount.Staring intently at the pedal I try again ,success,and I go into an idle.The smaller circle feels odd but I do well,comparable to the 170’s anyway.
A short practise later and I’m off to a friends house.Reaching the top of the first hill I,m amazed at the speed of the ascent and the energy I have left.Next a flatish ride through the parkand on to the steepest hill in my town.Although short at about 400 feet it is very steep 1 in 4 or 25%.With 170’s I have about a 99% success rate descending and about 75% ascending.Initially I try to go too slow and I get lifted out of the seat by the back pedal,speeding up and gripping the handle solves this issue and I make it comfortably.
A quick cup of tea later and it’s time for the ascent,my speed up the hill is fast but as I near the top I lose momentum,start zig zagging and flailing wildly and I have to dismount.Not bad for a first attempt I get within 10 feet of the top.The rest of the ride is downhill and the shorter cranks encourage speed.My leaning turns take on another dimension.This is great.
Next day it’s off to the woods and here I really notice the difference in speed.I manage almost all the stuff I’ve done with 170’s failing only at a slight incline with lots of roots, it seems much easier to get dead pedaled with the 140’s.
My hopping seems better and I can only put this down to a more natural stance (for me anyway) with the 140’s.
To summarize,the slight loss in hill climbing is more than made up for by the extra speed of the 140’s and I wish I had tried them sooner.
Johnhimsworth,if you’re reading this.“my legs are killing me”!

Where can you get replacement KH05 cranks?

Pain is just weakness leaving the body. It will also make you a better rider (maybe…)

05 KH cranks - unicycle.com?


I couldn’t find them there…

Re: 150,s for kh update

Calculate your ACTUAL speed increase.
You’ll be quite surprised.


Hi are you saying my suprise will be at my lack of speed or the increase.The smaller circles my legs are doing seem to help my spin rate and speed .Overall my TOP speed may not have alltered too much but I,m sure the speed I do whilst getting my breath back on the flat is greater.
If I ever find the book I used to write my cycle computer readings in I,ll refit the comp’ and do a comparison.
Happy riding everyone

Nice to hear you like your birthday present.

I moved from 150’s to 125’s on my 24” Muni and the benefits have outweighed the deficits, for me anyway. I do have short legs and with a background in Olympic weight lifting they are more suited to short bursts of power which may be a factor. I’ve had a similar experience with hills and getting, as you put it, ‘dead pedalled’ (I like that term).

My main limiting factor is my stamina which no amount of crank size will help but is something I’m working on. As for speed I don’t know if my average speed has changed as I have nothing to compare but my max speed with 150’s is 12mph and with 125’s is 15.5mph.

The thing about crank length, in my opinion, is that it is rider specific and what is right for one may not be right for another so just give it a go you might like it.

Yeah i ride 140s on a 24" Muni. It’s just that little bit faster than the 170s, doesn’t feel like your spinning and going nowhere but it is probably only 1 mph faster, after a while i can do trials an street just the same as on 140s, except high drops are tricky.

That’s a coincidence! This weekend my KH04 140 cranks arrived and I managed to give them a try out this Sunday.

Like yourself I let out a groan when I realised that they were the ones with the nubs but not having a way to grind then down fitted them regardless. First impressions just looking at the Uni were how small they looked!

I’d been looking forward (for better or worse) to trying out some shorter cranks. I would have preferred 150’s but only 140’s were available for the 04 model.

First attempt at mounting was weird, so was starting off. First test was one of my local loops. Pretty easy stuff really with some climbing / descending. Most of the track was hardpacked dirt/gravel with some marshy grass hilly areas and loose stoney parts.
I found going up the hills to be fine, although these really are no test (that will come later when I’ve got use to them a bit more), downhill I found excellent (I have no break). I found the wheel wobbled less, and I could flow with the hill. These hills were quite smooth and I need to test them on some rocky descents to get a real feel for them. Stopping quickly on the downhill however is going to take some fine tuning! Or greater leg strength, or a break.

While I was there I also did some stairs both riding down and hoping up which were fine, some rolling hops which were ok but need practice and a drop off a bench which ended up in a nice pedal scrape!

Going to carry on with the experiment by attempting every riding that I usually do with the 170s on the 140s this month. One ride in particular has a nice steep rocky hill that say 60% of the time a can ride all the way up with no upd or about 90% with 1 upd.

This is a coincidence as I was just about to post about shorter cranks on the onza. Mainly this: will I be able to change them myself - I’m not big on technical things although I can try - do I need any special tools?

My legs are only short and having both my 20" freestyle and my 29er set up to perfection, i have realised that I’m not riding my onza 24" because it’s so uncomfortable. Feels like my knees are hitting my chin. Have recently realised that’s because they nearly are. I had to cut some of the frame down when I first got it, as well as the seat post and the cranks are way to long.


special tools, i don’t think so?

Allen Keys (2 sizes will be needed, can’t remeber which), one for the crank and one for the hub.

A spanner for the pedals

Grease to grease up the splines when you put the new cranks on.

I was very surprised when I removed my cranks for the first time to find no grease what so ever on the splines.

Back to the testing on the 140’s. I need to raise the seat after loosing 30mm on the cranks, currently it doesn’t feel right. Going for a very simple loop with a gps to get some stats for my crusing speed tonight. This was done on 170’s so i have something to compare them with.

Thoughts so far: I like them, i think they suit me more than the 170s BUT i’m being to think that only the cranks came in 150s for the kh04 cranks. Sadly if i want 150s / 160s then i will have to upgrade by pefectly good hub.

Anyone know if the new onza / kh hub will fit a kh2004 frame ?