150 degree turns?


Can anybody give me any techniques for making 150 degree turns? There is a handicap access ramp at WorldCom which is essentially a concrete path going way out to the left of a flight of stairs. It then makes a 150 degree or more jut back to meet the top of the stairs. It does this across 3 flights. I ride it every day on my 20" and I almost always make the turns. Still, I feel I’m jerking a little too much … I seem reliant on shifting my arms, and I essentially jerk/twist 150 degrees and then keep riding sometimes. On other occasions, I actually pedal through a turn but there is still a lot of upper body twisting/yanking going on.

Can somebody discuss techniques for making this a smooth but tight turn?

Also, it’s the first night of my 15 day vacation and already I’m bored beyond belief. Anybody got any suggestions? :slight_smile:


Re: 150 degree turns?

1.) Determine the MAXIMUM angle at which you can make a smooth turn to your satisfaction.

2.) Get a protractor and mark that angle in chalk with long line segments in a parking lot.

3.) Add a long line segment at every one degree increment from your MAXIMUM smooth angle up to 150 degrees.

4.) Work your way up to the 150 degree turn, one degree at a time. Sing the theme song to “The Hucklebery Hound Show” while you do this.

5.) If bystanders taunt you, scowl and explain gruffly that you’re on vacation.



spend the whole 15 days on unicyclist.com post in every thread no matter what its topic.

fix that squeeking Hunter,find a hemit that fits,i say get one of those rear view helmits and ride backwards to peopls amasment.

this is a fun one ive done before,get a job at a movie threater,dont give them any werk history and see if they hire you.if they do show up for werk then sneek off when your movie time nears and go out the back door when its over.

just a few ideas.

Form 17 alter-egos. Start hundreds of threads and argue with yourself (yourselves), passionately. Get sensitive and irate about the most inane and benign comments and then flame yourself (yourselves). Try to get one of your alter-egos kicked out and then have him return, whimpering, begging for forgiveness right at the end of your vacation and never post again. Dress up mannequins in flamboyant clothes and photograph them and use them as your avatars.

Actually, this is kind of what I do in phone conferences. I make up some guy and argue with him about technical issues. Sometimes I make him get angry so he hangs up. He’s not very well-liked in the accelerator community which is thickly populated with suckers.

Re: 150 degree turns?

have your inside (to the turn) pedal forwards just before you do the turn and lean into the turn and push the pedal hard down as you go through the turn, with a little twist and a decent push you can do very abrupt turns without jerking about too much.

For tight turns practice lots of spins. Can you do a tight spin, say under 1 meter? Once you have this down, practice it with minimal arm movement. Then practice a spin where you do only a single spin (360). At the end of the spin, try to end it with control. Come to a momentary standstill. Etc… Think up all the variations you can. Practice tight slalom type moves while holding your arms behind your back.

15 days off and your bored? I don’t get it. How can a unicyclist feel that way?


Is there room to back up and do a three-point turn? You’d lose momentum but it would look cool and you might not have to flail as much…

Eee-gads, NO! -he’ll make that horrible beeping sound!

(I trust you’ve saved some of your 12 weeks of vacation for field trips with the MUC to Minneapolis, Rochelle, NY City, Moab, etc?)


For one thing it has been raining. For another, I’m not as motivated to ride when its just me.



I see. So now I am a) dumb, b) monstrous, AND NOW c) I’m fat. Duly noted.

I don’t get carry-over vacation. Use it or lose it. Anything that happens in 2003 comes from a different pool. I’m only taking this vacation slab because I was (overall) too busy at work this year to go through it all until now.


Either you have a very funny looking stairway, or maybe you meant 180 degrees instead of 150. No matter, the technique I was suggesting is to learn to spin.

Ride in circles. Not too small, about the size of one of those circles in a basketball court. Try to make the circle so there are no jerky movements in your pedaling. As it gets better, keep going smaller. But don’t hit the center, or you’ll end up turning around and coming out backwards. What you want is to be able to hover around the center, effectively rotating over a single spot.

Don’t forget to practice in both directions. This will a) make you more versatile and b) keep you from throwing up (hopefully).

Being able to spin will help you in all turning and many other riding situations.

As for your vacation, I was going to suggest waiting until you had a reason before going on vacation. But you explained your reason. Apparently you like work a lot, and maybe would be more happy just being there. If not, I wish you could lend some of your time to me!


No, its more like 150 degrees. If the stairs are represented by an equal sign ( = ) and the concrete side path in the slope of the hill is represented by greater than or less than symbols ( > ) ( < ) and if each equals sign represents 6 steps instead of two, and if each greater/less than sign actually goes to the side about 20 feet, you get something like this, for each flight:


So, as a rider, I’m traversing the < only its even tighter an angle than that since its long. But it isnt 180 degrees. Maybe I’ll take a picture sometime.

As far as liking work and I’d rather be there … no, not at all. :slight_smile: I enjoy being off, but since this vacation just came about because I was too busy to take my vacation at another time, it kinda came up on me suddenly. So, I have no plans really. I’ll figure out some stuff to do, no doubt. It did just stop raining so maybe tomorrow will be clear. And I’m sure I’ll see The Two Towers at the movies this weekend.

As for the different ideas presented to me, I’ll give all of them a try. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Let’s see, I will need a protractor, chalk, and a basketball court, and I’ve got to learn to spin, and I need to pay attention to where my pedals are. Hmm. Ok, I’ll try.


“Let’s see, I will need a protractor, chalk, and a basketball court, and I’ve got to learn to spin, and I need to pay attention to where my pedals are.”

You forgot to make alter-egos and dress up mannequins.

i must be on Ani’s ignore list.

Re: 150 degree turns?

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>Also, it’s the first night of my 15 day vacation and already I’m bored
>beyond belief. Anybody got any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Beyond belief indeed! Then I sure hope that Worldcom will continue
hiring you for a long time.

No turning suggestions other than using your 15 day vacation for

Klaas Bil

Kermit the Frog is left-handed.

2 serious answers in all that. What a bunch of wags we are.

2 approaches:

Yes, the 3 point turn does work, and is less likely to go spectacularly wrong.

Or the single sharp turn. As someone said, turn towards the foot which is going down. The tyre doesn’t scrub on the spot, but turns through a very small arc. Look what happens if you spin a coin on the table and it starts to flatten out. It sort of rolls around its rim. That’s similar to what the tyre will do.

You can add a bit of Newton’s laws to it by turning your upper body first (gently) then turning your lower body/legs and the uni under it. Your upper body will turn back a bit, but the uni will turn more quickly.

You will find this easier in one direction than the other. For years, I could only mount left foot down, and only turn sharply right foot down! No logic to it.

Anyway, turn sharply towards your front foot as it makes the power stroke. Good luck.

Mikefule,check your private messages once in awile eh?