150 cranks for 04 kh 24?

Does anyone know where i can get (in the u.k) 150 cranks?I want to go smaller than 170,s and can only see 140,s on unicycle .com.
Thanks in advance,

It’s quite possible they don’t exist. Phone Roger, if they exist he’s the one to talk to.

Failing that, try the 140s. They’ll be good for the legs.


Thanks John,
I spoke to Roger this morning,140’s are indeed the only option and i,ve ordered a set,fingers crossed.
I will post later with how i got on.

If you know soemone with a chop saw and a welder have your cranks shortened, kh 04 and 03 are built so that shortening them wouold be uber easy.

The difference between 140 and 150 is only fine tuning. About 7%. You’ll be OK.

I ride a Nimbus Muni with 150 mm cranks. I had a chance to try out a KH with 140 mm cranks this summer. To me, it seemed very different, and not in a good way. I could see myself walking up a lot more hills with them.

It’s amazing what you get used to. Earlier this summer, on a 28 with 110s, I rode quite easily up a rough grassy slope and through a section of woodland that I found impossible last time on my 26 with 150s.

On Sunday, I was riding on some slopes on the 28 with 102s and although I managed most of them, there were some that were just beyond my capabilites on those cranks - but they used to be much trickier on the longer cranks a year ago.

And a couple of years back, I gave away some 170s because they made my 26 harder to ride in all circumstances except on a long straight descent, and I went back to the 150s.

There’s a big element of psychology, and of preference and of familiarity. The arithmetic is only half the story. However, I’m confident that if you’d bought your uni with 140s, and then later tried 150s, you would have had similar doubts - they would have felt slow and unwieldy. For 7% difference, there will be few cases in which it is critical to your success on a short climb or descent.