15 year old Augie lands 9' roof drop!

Last week while at my house, Augie Tourdot decided he wanted to break his 6 foot-something drop record, but not by just a few inches, but by almost three feet! So he got on the roof of my house, brimming with confidence, and executed an 8 feet, nine inch drop, to FLAT—and landed it! He’ll be competing in the expert category at NAUCC later this month. His amazing skills are far beyond many older riders.

Wow! That was an amazing jump.

He makes it look effortless. Must have an anti-gravity device in his pocket.

I still can’t jump down six inches.:frowning:

Glad to see there were no “out takes”. Any higher than that, you might consider using a parachute.

I was immediately inspired to try the same drop, but sanity prevailed, lol! I think that the main fear is that I could break or severely sprain my ankles if foot weight wasn’t totally equal or not properly positioned, upon impact. Also because I outweigh Augie by a good 40 pounds, which is substatially more weight hitting the ground.

Since when are you starting to let sanity get in the way of a good jump :smiley:

I’ll bet you showed him how to do the jump first but didn’t want to upstage him by filming yourself.

The kids got talent! :astonished:

To parphrase John Lovitz’s character, “the Pathological liar” from the old SNL sketch: “yeah, that’s that’s what I did, yeah!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Does his mother know you let him do this?! :wink:

He’s a cool kid with the best teacher.

Haha, yeah, she was ok with it. His mom and dad are so fantastically supportive and encouraging, and take him to pretty much every event, including NAUCC again this year. He will be competing in the Expert category, which is the highest, and at 15, that’s really saying something. He does MUni stuff that I can’t (or won’t) do, can climb as fast on steeps as I can ride on flat, and his trials and tricks are progressing at light speed. At least I can compete with him on equal footing at table tennis, of which he is also very accomplished, (has a $100 paddle!) and has even had a coach for that! :smiley:

But what about table tennis while on a unicycle? Who wins that one, or more importantly pics? :stuck_out_tongue:

I call it “Uni-Pong” :smiley:

video removed? I missed that one.

I deleted and will be giving the video file to Augie (when he returns from NAUCC) so he can upload it to his channel.