15 foot drop pics

April Fools!

I’m like “since when is Wonderly doing 15 foot drops???”

good one:)

Muharhar 75 views :stuck_out_tongue:



I didn’t laugh out loud until I saw the pic!

Check it out!

oh wow! It’s so well done unicyclepa

good job !

i didint make it it was on this post http://vpfree.pinkbike.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=111982&highlight=kris+holm

oh ok sorry… but its still a nice work

looks like that site is all april fools day’d out also

Hey that’s not fair…it’s not April Fools Day over here! :frowning:

oh well, we still love you anyway

You’d think we’d all be expecting something like this (at least, those of us who have April Fool’s day right now). I was caught completely unaware.

thats joe dyson btw, wonder if he has seen it yet

lol who ever spelt “chris holm” at the bottom right side of the screen spelt kris wrong… im confused…

I didn’t open the thread because I cared so much about the pics. I just wanted to see why you made a thread for it.

Hahahahaha that’s me!

Lol. So I guess you all know my alter-ego, Chris Holm :stuck_out_tongue:

Original pic is here :wink: http://www.deviantart.com/view/12730309/

yup thats you