15 cm drop

I received several helpful replies about my draft description on how to go over
a 15cm drop. I added them in to the document, as well as taking some information
from a past posting. Here is my final version (until I get more suggestions).


Hints for the 15cm drop

You can practice this by riding off curbs. When starting make sure the curb is
regular, with a flat surface all the way to the edge and then a straight drop.
The street should be fairly level at the base of the curb. You can work on
trickier curbs later.

To ride off the curb, approach it at a relaxed but even pace. Ride off the edge,
and be ready for the unicycle to drop a bit underneath your seat. You will want
to land with your weight on the pedals, which reduces pain and lets your legs
act as shock absorbers. Start moving when you land and settle back down on the
unicycle. You may wish to hold on to the front of the seat when you go off the
curb, so that you can guide it back as you settle down.

If you don’t like the idea of curbs, when off the uni, position the wheel where
it would drop off the curb, and place the pedals in horizontal position. Then
back up the wheel carefully, mount the uni, and go down the curb. This method
ensures that the pedals are horizontal for landing, which is the easiest way to
do it. After confidence and skill builds, it won’t matter where the pedals are
when going down curbs.

Also, some people prefer to jump off of the curb, rather than dropping off. This
way you are sure to land with the pedals in a good position, but you need to be
able to jump while moving.

If you don’t want to think a whole lot, just go try it and see what happens. It
may be easier than you expect.

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