15-16 year old riders - click this

Name: Alex
Age: 15
Birthday: 26 Feb
Riding Style: Street
How Long You Have Been Riding: 14 months
Country: New Zealand
Daily Practice Time: 30 mins - 3 hours.

~Tricks you can do~ (preferably about 5-10 of your best tricks)
rolling 5 spin
big spin
inward small spin
180 fakieflip
sex change
monkey kick
stand up one foot wheel walk
seat drag
grinds etc.

Name: Sarah Snyder
Age: 14 3\4
Birthday: June 14, 1994
Riding Style: Mostly Freestyle and Trials… but im trying to get into flat and street
How Long You Have Been Riding: about 6 years
Country: United States, Ohio
Daily Practice Time: In the summer, 3 hours…Winter, whenever i get the chance

~Tricks you can do~

  1. Anything up to IUF level 8 minus hand ww and backward spin
  2. 4 ft gap
  3. 5 foot drops
  4. Seat Drag
  5. 180 unispin
  6. WW Backwards
  7. Stand up
  8. 175 cm long jump
  9. Leg wrap
  10. Crank idle to hopping on wheel

ahah. it’s basically a side spencerflip. except you spin the seat with your feet;)

lol, do you have it on video or something, because I don’t know what a spencerflip ect. is :stuck_out_tongue:

a spencerflip is a 900 spin with a crankflip. and sorry the clip of me doing it didn’t come out right because my camera exploded when i landed it:p

Name:Sam Beatty
Birthday:28 September 1993
Riding Style:mainly streetish trails, and a bit of everything
How Long You Have Been Riding: learnt to ride three years ago, but properly on and off for a year.
Country: Australia
Daily Practice Time: 2 hours a week

~Tricks you can do~
drop 5 foot
gap 4 foot
riding with one foot
kickup mount


Name: Scott Antoniou
Birthday:28 Jan 93
Riding Style: A bit of trials, and lots of failed street!
How Long You Have Been Riding: 2 yrs and 11 days
Daily Practice Time:1-2 hours… more on summer weekends

  1. 5ft+ rolling hop
  2. just under 5ft side hop
  3. Wheel walking
  4. 1 ft riding
  5. 4ft drops
  6. Crank grab, then up to tyre.

Still cant get unispins! :angry:
I need to practice more!!

Still cant get unispins! :angry:
I need to practice more!!

same, its so frustrating, i duno y i just cant commit to them. :angry:

yeah… Its annoying the hell out of me! I will get it though! :smiley:

Nine days till I’m 17, anyways;

Name: Eric
Age: 16
Birthday: January 13th
Riding Style: Trials, Street
How Long You Have Been Riding: 2 months
Country: USA
Daily Practice (More like having fun riding) Time: about an hour a day.

~Tricks you can do~
180 unispin
1 footed riding (I guess it’s a trick)
2 foot high rolling hops
3+ ft side hops
1 footed idling (it’s funny how I can do this better than regular idling)
Getting owned jumping onto a rock and messing up my knee for a few days :sunglasses:
4 foot pallet jump

Still need to get 360 unispins down though…

Name: Ludwig Felhofer
Age: 15
Birthday: September 16th
Riding Style: Street, Flat
How Long You Have Been Riding: little bit more than 2 years now
Country: Austria
Daily Practice Time: every day different:D


inward varielroll
some flat combos:D

Name: Joe Sowul
Age: 16
Birthday: May 14th, 1992
Riding Style: Trials, MUni, long distance
How Long You Have Been Riding: 4 years, but just really into it for a year
Country: The United States of America
Daily Practice Time: 1-3 hours every day

1 foot riding
so close to getting WW
backwards riding
2 foot vertical side hop
3-4 foot rolling and static hops
5 foot drops
kick up mount
leg (or seat, idk which) wrap mount
and I can ride 50 miles in a day
18 MPH on a 36"

Name: Ben
Age: ummm
Birthday: 1965
Riding Style: MUni
How Long You Have Been Riding: 7 months
Country: The United States of America
Daily Practice Time: 1-2 hours, 1-3 times a week, more in the warm months

Yeah, yeah, this is supposed to be a post for young guys, but I’m a young guy at heart :slight_smile: I am only into muni, though I have a 29er for road riding, but it never gets used. My son Alex is 13, he started when I did and he’s at about the same level, but rides a lot less. Apparently the younger you are the faster you learn :astonished:

So far we have focused almost entirely on muni, so single track riding is our strength. Alex is more interested in tricks, so he’s worked on hopping, crank flips, uni spinds, pedal grinds, backwards riding, etc… We have progressed to fairly advanced single track in six months, still working on developing rhythm for longer rides before UPD’s, esp riding over larger obstacles and developing endurance.

Our biggest problem is we don’t have any riding partners, so starting this Spring we’re going to be sponsoring a unicycle club at my son’s middle school. Already we have two local teens riding unis, hoping to make that number grow in the new year!

Name: Dean
Age: 15
Birthday: 1993
Riding Style: trials, starting flat
How Long You Have Been Riding: 2ish years
Country: land of the long white cloud (New Zealand)
Daily Practice Time: 1-2 hours


1.hop up 3 pellets SI (i donno how to do it SIF)
2.a 180
3. ride down 18 stairs
4.drop 2.5 feet

working on:

crank rolls/rolling wraps, improving my jumping skills, 180 unispin

One month shy of 2 years
Weekly practive- under an hour in the winter, 4hours in the summer

3pins every few months
6-7ft static side gap on a good day
3ft wall up, pushing higher when extremely lucky
7ft rolling now and then
360 down stuff when I’m brave

This is all in the summer. I’m horrid now. I couldn’t get anyting close to 3ft now in the cold. Maybe 30-32in with luck.

Over all skill: Sucks arse

Working on: Getting preciously mentioned skills back for summer

Name: Christian Huriwai
Age: 16
Birthday: Feb 1st
Riding Style: Street/flat
How Long You Have Been Riding: 3 years in 10 more days
Country: New Zealand!
Daily Practice Time: Every second day about 2 - 3 hours.

~Tricks you can do~

Mammoth Spin!
Fullout Doubleflip
Fullout Fakieflip
180 Tripleflip (iffy haha)
Fakie 7spin
Huge Flip (super iffy haha)
Inward Bigflip
Inward Hugespin
105cm rollinghop
15 stair handrail grind :stuck_out_tongue:

you don’t suck why would you even think that. :thinking:

ow damm… :astonished:
that is awesome !!!
mamouth spin, 15stair handrail, Huge Flip… :astonished:
but what is a Fullout doubleflip :p?

360 unispin from seat in + doubleflip

Name: Mikiah Raffaeli
Age: 16
Birthday: July 1st
Riding Style: Flatland and Street
How Long You Have Been Riding: 2 years total (5 months seriously)
Country: California and Canada
Daily Practice Time: Every Day at least 45 minutes

~Tricks you can do~

540 Unispins
270 Unispins
Rolling Wrap- Double Back Roll
Rolling Wrap- Backroll- HoW- Backroll
Double Flips
Sex Changes
Big Spins

~Tricks you cannot do~

TREFLIPS :angry: