15-16 year old riders - click this

So this is just a temporary thread for 15-16 year old riders. I’m fairly curious of what skill level us young riders are at. Set up a post like this:

Riding Style:
How Long You Have Been Riding
Daily Practice Time:

~Tricks you can do~ (preferably about 5-10 of your best tricks)

I’ll start off…

Age 15
December 6th
Street, Trials, Coker, Muni, very little freestyle and flatland.
Been Riding 6 years, 8 days
hour or so

~Tricks you can do~

  1. 360 unispin
  2. Crankflip
  3. Backflip
  4. Hickflip
  5. Monkey Kick
  6. 270 unispin
  7. Jump 7 set.

Stole idea and format from Unisykolist.

I was so hoping someone would do this!!! haha

Name: Kevin Kartchner
Age: 15
Birthday: June 30
Riding Style: Street
How Long You Have Been Riding: 2 years but only 6 months serious
Country: USA
Daily Practice Time: Weekdays: 2 hours Weekends: 3 hours

~Tricks you can do~

-5 Spin
-Double Flip
-Double Backflip
-180 Flip

Name: Brendan Roman
B-day: August
Riding Style: Street/Flat
Riding Street for: about a year and a half
Country:US of A
Riding Time: Whenever I have time, maybe 4 times a week for a half hour.

Favorite tricks: 180 flips, Body varial to tire, and Late Bigspins.

Bah, I don’t have to post in this thread.

Ah, too late :roll_eyes:

Name: Jackie Sandberg
Age: 16
Birthday: Janurary 29th
Riding Style: Muni and some Big Street
How Long You Have Been Riding: 4 years
Country: Never Never Land
Daily Practice Time: 1-2 hours weekly

No-footer varriations off drops
unispins off drops
body spins off drops
varrious other old school tricks off drops…
jumping onto stuff

simple street tricks off drops
going quickly
switch drops up to seven feet (rolling)
rolling drops up to 15 feet

Name: Wolfgang Becker
Birthday: December 17th
Riding Style: Flat-ish - Bad at trials -Easy Muni - Might do hockey.
How Long You Have Been Riding: Started Mid august 2007
Country: Canada! ( Quebec)
Daily Practice Time: If I ride, 1-2 hours… usualy daily.

~Tricks you can do~
I cant do anithing interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude… your name is Wolfgang!? Cute!
Can we trade names?

cute? thats not a cute name. thats a mans name.:stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Morgan Coxen
Birthday: August 8th
Riding Style:I profer muni but dont do it much so i muni in town
How Long You Have Been Riding: like 4 years but only serius for several 6 month perionds
Country: USA
Daily Practice Time: if riding to school counts 1-2 hours a day but if not from 0-2 hours

~Tricks you can do~
1.ride one footed
2.wheel walk not vary good at that one yet
3.drop 5ft+ i cant find any good drops that are higher that that and arnt too insane for me
4.double leg wrap side mount

nooooooo… it’s kewwwwwwwt!!!

Three things Jackie…
first off, Thanks, I like yours too…
2nd, Sorry, it would be too much of a hassle to trade.
3rd, Can I sig that?

Lol, yea. XD

Awesome. I admire your Muni talent too…

Name: Daniel Adelander
Age:15 16 in may :smiley:
Birthday: may 7th 1993
Riding Style: flat and street
How Long You Have Been Riding 4 and a half year soon
Country: Sweden
Daily Practice Time: When its summer its about 4 hours and on winter i ride 2 hours in my garage

Tricks I can do:
Well 720, fifthflip, treysideflip, A lot of really long flatcombos :stuck_out_tongue: and longjump 270cm

Name: Tim Desmet
Age: 15
Birthday: 15/05/1993
Riding Style: trial (and bit of street)
How Long You Have Been Riding: 1 year and 5 months trial/street
Country: Belgium
Daily Practice Time: 2 hours

~Tricks you can do~ (preferably about 5-10 of your best tricks)
-double flip
-fakie bigspin
-rolling wrap
-180° backflip
-97 high jump
-2m gap


Name: Josh Wirz
Birthday: oct 15 92
Riding Style: flat
How Long You Have Been Riding: 2.5 months
Country: England
Daily Practice Time: about an hour ish a day more on the weekends

Tricks I can do:
leg wrap
wheel walk
seet drop
riding sif
some mounts
Practicing crankwroles and unispin

Name: Forrest Rackard
Age: 15
Birthday: march 23, 1993
Riding Style: street and flat
How Long You Have Been Riding: 2.5 years
Country: US
Daily Practice Time: 1 hour

~Tricks you can do~ (preferably about 5-10 of your best tricks)

720 unispin

Name: Zachary Wenner
Age: 16
Birthday: 3/26/1992
Riding Style (in order of funness): Street/Flat, Trials, Muni, 36ering, Freestyle
How Long You Have Been Riding:2 1/2 years seriously
Country: U.S.A.
Daily Practice Time: 1/2 hr - 3 hrs

~Tricks you can do~ (preferably about 5-10 of your best tricks)
out doubleflip
double backflips
inward small flip
79cm rolling and sidehop
stand up ww
inward varial roll
other flat combos

Name: Hugo Duguay
Age: 16
Birthday: June 10th, 1992
Riding Style: Big Street, Tech Street, Flat, Trials
How Long You Have Been Riding : 2 years
Country: Québec
Daily Practice Time: 1 hour.

Forrest, what is a twisterflip ?


I just thought about it, I forgot to put the tricks I can do :

Full Varial Backflip
720 Unispin
180 Double Backflip
180 Doubleflip
540 Twist
Any sidespin variation
Trey Backflip