14set hand rail


this is my friend brent gerrett

Wasn’t that a 15 set? it was posted before

we miscounted it and yeah he posted it before but it was in the regular threads…not the vids so we posted it in here…

that was amazing

I thought that was Justin Abott?

lets ask cody(unicaw) who it is… its in his photobucket

Its definitely brent…
It is pretty huge.

one wheel one word: RESPECT!

i said it at the beginig of the thread…its BRENT GERRETT…

it was me

Nicely done :sunglasses:

Yuppers…thats brent…

wow :astonished:

awesome !!! :astonished:
that’s huge !!!

i wish i could do that.

thats awesome!

i saw the rail and thoght it would stop after a few meters but it went on and didn´t stop :astonished:
its one of the longest grinds i have erver seen!

respect dude…


That was tight!